My Dogs Are Barkin’!

Ok so this weekend was a busy one and my feet are SO SO sore, or as my bestie L says “my dogs are barking”. Ouch!  I made it the gym Friday just barely on time and we did some deadlifting, sets of 4 reps. I worked to 165 lbs. 



5-1 squat clean thrusters 

5 burpees 

It was 5 of the squat clean thrusters, then next round it was 4 and we laddered down. It was a killer!  I was hurting at the end of it. Then we did some ab stuff. 

Friday night we went out for a family dinner which was really nice and then I called it an early night.

 Saturday morning C went to her grandmas and I went to the gym. We had a team workout that really was a tough one. I was struggling to get through it. I hung out for a bit and had a nice chat with my coach. Then I decided I would go and treat myself to a manicure. 

I had to go in to work for a couple hours so after that J and I went for a couple beers at the pub. We had some errands to run and we got groceries before heading home to relax.  

just chillin’

Sunday morning we got up and J made me breakfast (he’s a keeper). I had a work function so I headed out to work on setting up for that. He actually came as well and helped set up. We had a great time at the event and we had a beautiful day for it. And it made my feet so sore but it was worth it seeing everyone have such a great time.  


Monday is here already. It happens so fast! 


That’s Gonna Hurt

After recovering from such a busy weekend I was ready to get back into a routine. Tuesday I had good intentions of getting up early and doing a little workout but I chose sleep instead. I then planned to do a workout when I got home but I ended up working really late then I was rushed to get C and get her home and fed and ready for Guides. When I finally had the time to workout I was tired.  

this is all i wanted to do

So the rest won out. Then came Wednesday. No workout in the morning because I had an event to attend which meant I had to get up earlier than usual. I knew I was planning to go to the gym after work too. 

I didn’t get out of work on time so I had to bring C with me and go to a later class. I was thrilled when I got there that some of my friends did the same thing. It makes it so much more fun. We started with our September challenge which was 75 seconds of clean and press. My last time trying it I repped off 11 at 65 lbs. I was feeling strong today as I warmed up so I decided to increase and do 75 lbs. I managed to get 11 again so that felt pretty awesome. I was so wiped after though my legs were shaky. Then came the workout. 

14 minutes in a team 

P1- prowler and Sprint

P2- abs

P3- burpees 

Ouch!  To top it off we were given the heavy sled to push and at one point I honestly thought I might throw up. It was killer. 

Since we worked so hard my friend and I decided we deserved shwarma for dinner and we went out together (with C). Sadly J was working late but we did drop him off some dinner too. 

As I ran up the stairs from doing laundry I immediately knew my legs were going to be sore tomorrow. I could tell already it was going to be one of those days. 

here’s hoping i dont drop anything

Wish me luck that I am not too sore! Enjoy the rest of the week! xoxo

What a Weekend!

For someone going into the weekend thinking it wouldn’t be too eventful it sure ended up being a pretty fun and busy one.  Friday it started with a trip to the gym where we celebrated our favourite day of the week – deadlift day. We did heavy singles to start and then did deficit deadlifts for reps. I had broke my PR with a lift at 215 and my coach told me to throw another 5 lbs on and I managed to pull a pretty solid 220 lbs!  

It felt amazing. I love how this video shows the encouragement and support at my gym. 


Run 400 m/ 200 m/ sprint/ 200 m / 400m 

After each run we did this circuit:

10 box step ups

6 front squats

6 push press

6 thrusters

5 burpees 

This was a pretty dirty workout for a Friday. It was hard. There was a 20 min cap but I finished it even when the clock went. I don’t like leaving it not done. 

Saturday morning I was working at the corn stand so I didn’t make the workout. I was feeling the effects of Friday’s workout so I was ok with not going.  

it was chilly out

Saturday was J’s baseball plays offs so we had the game and the team party at our place. It was a late late night. 

Sunday we had tickets we got last minute to go see the Buffalo Bills home opener game. We went early and tailgates and went to the game. The energy and the crowd was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. They sure do love their team in Buffalo.   

All the excitement left me really tired and it was an early night to bed Sunday. Monday I was tired but had a productive day at work. I hit the gym after work and we did back squats for the strength. 


5 rounds

200 m run

10 goblet squats

10 pull ups

10 push ups

There was a 16 minute cap but again I went over but finished.  I felt really good and was glad I went instead of napping despite the earlier temptation. 

It was a pretty good start to the week after a busy weekend. And it was an early night to bed Monday to try and catch up. xoxo

Have you ever been to an NFL game? 

Good Eats and Less Treats 

I’ve been pretty good this week. I mean not perfect and definitely some weak will power moments but I’m doing my best to stick to what I pack in my lunch.  Tuesday I got up early because C just couldn’t contain her excitement for the first day of school. I used the extra time to my advantage and did a quick workout with skipping for every other minute and adding in some other movements for the rest. It was a great way to start the day. I also made myself a healthy breakfast.


grade 4 already?
I didn’t go to the gym that night because C had Guides to attend. I was on my own for dinner so I made this creation of leftover pulled pork on an English muffin topped with a fried egg. I enjoyed this watching an episode of Catfish.    

Wednesday I intended on getting up early again but I had a headache that wouldn’t quit. I instead snoozed and missed my chance for a healthy breakfast so I packed some turkey bacon and a peach instead. My lunch was still healthy as I had made it the night before. 

I did get to the gym and the new monthly challenge was what we started with. It was 75 s of clean and press. I did 11 reps at 65 lbs. I was surprised how fast the time went. 

Wod- EMOTM- 12 minutes

3 burpees pull ups

5 goblet squats

7 jack knives 

This was pretty tough. We finished with some more abs. We had a late dinner as J worked late and C was with her grandma. J grilled and we made a zucchini creation that was Asian flavours and quite spicy. It was really good. 


The best part is there was leftovers for my lunch too.  So it’s been pretty good so far. Let’s see if I can keep it up. With yummy meals like these it shouldn’t be too hard. 

What’s your favourite healthy meal? 

Hello Routine. It’s Good to Have You Back 

Oh I love long weekends so so much. But it makes it so much harder to go back to work.  It’s like the Sunday blues but stronger and deeper.  


The weekend wrapped up with our trip home from the camper and a stop at our favourite ice cream place. I didn’t document it but found this picture on the interweb that shows its charm 

 When we got home I decided to tackle a mountain of laundry and got lots of that done. That includes cleaning out two drawers and putting aside some clothes I don’t wear anymore.  C is quite excited about going back to school so we got lots ready for her including her shower, painting her nails, braiding her hair, and packing her lunch and bag. 

I decided I had to do a workout of some sort because I was feeling stressed and it had been a relaxing couple of days. I set my timer on the”rounds” setting for 20 rounds of one minute.  I did a variety of exercises including abs and dumbbell arm stuff with every other interval being skipping.  We are in the middle of a heatwave and the skipping happened on the deck outside and it was steamy. 

Dinner was this delicious feast of steak, roasted beets on a salad and what might be some of the last sweet corn of the season.  

so delicious

Now we are back to the grind and back to routine which usually works in my favour. I work very well with routine in my life.  I hope the transition is smooth for all of us. xoxo

Routine?  Boring or do you like it?  

Long Weekend Living

its labour day weekend here in these parts and while we have to prepare ourselves to get back to the daily grind and our regularly scheduled lives we decided to make the most of what feels like our last summer weekend. 

Friday I snuck out of work early and my friend N and I got a lift from my amazing husband to the train station where we headed down to Toronto to the CNE. We stopped at a couple patios and enjoyed some drinks and delicious food and then we headed to the Zac Brown band concert. It was a beautiful night.   


We had a lot of fun. The show was really good. It was a sold out crowd and everyone was singing along. We had so much fun. 

having fun
The problem with the concert was that the train ride home was so annoying. It was so packed and we had to push our way on. It turns out there was a lot going on in the city that night. We got home late. 

The next morning N and I had agreed to meet at the gym. There was no class but there was an open gym so we could do our own thing. I made a few protein pancakes and ate those before I headed over.  


We started with deadlifts and worked on heavy singles. We worked up to what was a new PR for me and I pulled 210lbs!! I was pretty excited about it. Then we did 10 minutes of sled pushes outside and it was so hot. We also did sprints in between. And I am not going to lie about it, it was pretty terrible and hot. Then we did about 3 rounds of pull-ups in different variations. And some push ups.  It was a killer workout but we were so glad we did it. 

Later that day I headed to my parents house to pick up C. After we got her we headed to the mall where I finally got the hoodie I wanted from Lululemon. It was sold out online but I found one at the mall that they put aside for me.  That night we went with friends of ours to Ribfest. It’s a yearly tradition and it didn’t disappoint. 

Sunday we got packed up in the morning and headed to Port Dover to J’s parents’ camper for the day and night.  

Dover bound

We spent the day at the beach and then went for fish and chips for dinner. Then we played a round of mini golf. When we got home we went to his grandparents camper and had a bonfire. It was a really nice little getaway. 

Now all that’s left is to suck up the rest of the weekend. Let’s hope time slows and it’s a long wonderful day. Tomorrow it’s back to the real world.  xoxo

How did you spend your long weekend? 

A Recap of Sorts

oh hi there!  I guess I took a bit of an unexpected hiatus from here. Oops. I guess life got in the way again. #rude 

So what has been going on with me?  Not much really. When I last left you I mentioned we were going to a Jays game. Well we did that and it was We went with friends of ours and we ended up have the most amazing seats.  

our view

J and I are fans of the Jays every year. This year they are doing really well and the fan base has really grown (cough cough bandwagon) and so the games are MUCH busier than we are used to. It’s great but the lines are a lot longer and crowds aren’t my favourite. But I sucked it up and we had a blast.  

see how much fun we had?!

We may have had a little too much fun which resulted in quite a headache later that evening. I managed to get through it and felt surprisingly ok the next day for work.  I made it in for my usual workouts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then took Thursday off because I had a very important appointment.  


Thankfully most of the week is behind me and the weekend is upon me again. It’s a long weekend which is amazing and it’s what feels like the last weekend of Summer. We need to make it count. Before we know it there will be all the pumpkin things stuffed in our faces reminding us summer is over.   

Sorry friends but I couldn’t care less about pumpkin spice lattes. I don’t get what all the hype is about. 

Anyhoo lets enjoy the last weekend before school starts and we are back to our routine and the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. 


Pumpkin spice- can you even? 

Weekend Feels

The weekend is off to a pretty great start. Friday after work I wasn’t able to make the class at the gym so I decided to take a rest day. I took full advantage of it and decided to do exactly that. I had a pretty awesome nap. The kind where you wake up and you are like what just happened?   

When I finally got myself together I made a quick dinner for C and I. J had to work late. Then C and I headed to her friends and picked them up and we went to a movie in the park. It was a big outdoor screen and we watched the movie Big Hero 6. If you haven’t seen it you really should. It was so sweet. 

Saturday morning was a regular gym morning. We did a team workout. 

P1- farmers carry, Sprint

P2- 5 front squats, 5 push press, 5 thrusters 

P3- 10 Russian twist, 10 sit ups, 10 crunches 

We did this for 20 minutes. I used 35 lb Dumbbells for the farmers carry and 55 lbs on the bar for the other lifts. Then we finished with a lunge and Sprint wod. 

After I got home and showered C and I got in the car and drove to my parents where we had lunch. My sister and her family were there for the day and we had a nice afternoon visiting and watching the Jays game.  C stayed there as she is staying with them for the week and I came home. I took the back roads and drove through the country and it was such a nice drive.  

country roads

I had the windows and down and the music up and it was a nice drive. For the evening we went to two different parties before heading home. It was a nice night. Now we have big baseball related plans for today so I must get my bluejay spirit on. 

Let’s go jays!! 

Feeling Grateful and So Sore

My poor legs and hips have been sore ever since our wod on Tuesday. I’m guessing it was the lunges because oh man my quads and my hips are killing me. My hips especially. I feel like an old lady. I didn’t let it stop me from going to the gym on Wednesday night. I had to go to a later class and bring C with me. She has been a good sport this week coming with me every day.  J was out for the evening so C and I would be on our own for dinner. When I got to the gym my friend told me she was meeting another girl from our gym for shawarma so C and I decided to join them. We had to get through the workout first. 

Strength was sets of two push press. It was supposed to be 2 front squats and 1 push press but since we both had such fried legs coach changed it to push press. We shared a bar and before I realized how much we were lifting I repped off 2 reps at 105 lbs!  I was pretty happy with that. 



5 dumbell presses from knees (each side)

5 Turkish get ups- just the first part, not getting all the way up – each side

5 push ups 

We did 4 rounds and it felt a lot harder than it sounded. We then headed to get dinner and meet up with our other friend. We had such a nice time together and when I got home and reflected on my evening all I could think was how lucky I am to have found a place I feel so comfortable and such amazing people.  I have made such wonderful friends there; friendships that have continued outside of the gym. I really do feel so grateful to have these people in my life. 


for me not the morning but still so very true

Thursday I woke up and I was still so sore in my legs and hips. It’s weird how it’s sore but it still kind of feels good. Like pride in how hard you worked. 

Thursday’s workout was also a good one. The strength I chose was strict press. We repped 5 and I worked up to 5 @ 70 lbs. not too shabby. 


P1- 800 m run  P2- abs

P1- 400 m run, P2- burpees

P1- 200 m run, P2- man makers

I liked this workout a lot. I love the ones where we run and do other stuff in between. I felt good running today. Maybe the eating healthy is paying off? 

Speaking of eating healthy we had this amazing dinner.  

homemade turkey burgers, grilled peppers and zucchini and guac

It was such a good dinner. J really is an amazing griller. The burgers were cooked perfectly and his zucchini is incredible. 

We finally made it to Friday friends!  That’s a reason to celebrate! 


Have you got anything planned for the weekend? 

We have a busy weekend ahead and I cannot wait!  

Day 1- No Pie

Welp today was a success in the fact that I did not eat pie for breakfast. So that’s a win right there really when it comes to my quest to eat better. I had a chia pudding for breakfast and 2 pieces of chicken bacon. I packed a super healthy lunch and stuck to it which is good. I did ok with my water but that could be better yet. 

Today’s workout was a lot of fun. We started out doing some sprints in the parking lot for about 7 minutes or so and I liked it a lot. Then we played a game like an old school yard game where two people linked hands and tried to catch the others as they sprint by. As people get caught they join the chain. I was never a fan of those games because I was weak and not fast and always got caught. I got immediately nervous but I actually had fun. 


P1- sprint, 10 body rows, 10 sit ups

P2- 5 push press, 5 front squats, 5 thrusters, 1 manmaker 

P3- 20 bicycles, lunges 

The idea was to switch off based on the time for the first partners sprint etc. Then we did our lunges cumulative and added them. We totalled 573 lunges!  Crazy. My legs are already sore. Walking might be interesting tomorrow. 

For dinner we made tortilla pizzas and I decided to make mine with a Mexican flair.  


I used salsa instead of pizza sauce and topped it with tex mex cheese, chicken, and corn. After it was done I added avocado and a bit of Greek yogurt. Oh man it was really good. I highly recommend it. It was so easy too and surprisingly filling. 

Hope you like it! xoxo

What are your favourite pizza toppings? 

On regular pizza from our favourite place I always get meatballs and pineapple.