A Happy Birthday…

Well this past weekend was my birthday weekend and it was a great weekend. It started off on Thursday with this lovely greeting from my friend Laura at my desk.


Friday was an Easter gathering at my Mom and Dad’s house where my family all gathered and we had a great time. We played a game of street baseball with the kids and had a blast. My favourite part is how everyone yells “carrrrrr” when a car is coming.

My sister arranged the most amazing cupcakes for me. She had cupcakes made by a girl that she works with that looked like little pairs of high heeled shoes! They were amazing!


Saturday I had an amazing workout at the gym, it was a partner workout that included carrying weight for 200m several times, it was so nice to be able to have some of the workout outside because the weather was so nice. People kept wishing me happy birthday throughout the workout. I felt so loved… my gym family is so nice. Then I spoiled myself with a mani/pedi at the spa and had a nice relaxing afternoon. I did a bunch of errands then it was time for dinner. James took me to Milestones with his sister and her husband.

My gift from James was a hotel voucher at one of my favourite places to stay in Toronto and tickets to two Blue Jay games, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday!! We are big baseball fans and this is an amazing surprise!!

This is a picture of the two of us during our Summer baseball road trip last summer…


Saturday night was my friend’s Bachlorette party which was a lot of fun. Yesterday was more Easter festivities and then we went over to James’ family farm to visit two twins that were just born. Here is a picture of C with them.


It was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it such a special day. Getting older isn’t so bad when you have such great people in your life.


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