Looooooong day

Today was a long day and I was tired all day long from the moment I got out of bed. I guess it’s the result of the late night I had at the Blue Jays game last night. Totally worth it

I had one of those days where nothing went as I wanted and I felt really emotional. I let my emotions get the best of me and I was feeling very frustrated and fragile when I got to the gym. One of those moods where of someone even looked at me wrong I would have burst into tears.

So I got the gym late and the warm up was already in progress. So I stretched ( much too briefly) and them joined in. We were working on our cleans. This lift I am really starting to get. But right now the squat part is not the best for my knee. But I was doing great and even got a new PR of 90lbs! Pretty awesome. It did wonders for my mood and my frustrations. I love how lifting something heavy does that for me. Then we had a great workout with lots more lifting and it kicked my butt. In such a good way.

I will leave with this clip I found online that I can totally relate with and think is so funny.



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