What have I agreed to?

This weekend included some much needed rest and catching up with James as we have both had so much going on that we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together. Friday night we got all dressed up for an event that James spent a lot of time planning for the 2013 Holstein Convention. It was beautiful and was held in Niagara Falls. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of us all dressed up.

Saturday I had an amazing workout. It was a partner workout which are my favourite kind of workouts, and it was three seperate WOD’s that really kicked my butt. AMAZING. Then I treated myself and got my nails done.

James and I decided to just stay in and enjoy a quiet night on Saturday. Sunday we went for breakfast with friends and it was delicious. Then we took C for a nice walk along with the farm dog Tucker. It was a great afternoon and felt great to be outside.



Tonight we start our “partner games” at the gym. Basically there are 4 workouts throughout the week that we do with a partner and its a friendly competition. It’s the first time I have particpated and am really looking forward to it.

So in other more terrifying news… I did something today I swore I wouldn’t do. I registered for Tough Mudder!!! A couple of awesome girls from my gym family are going so I finally caved and agreed to join them. It’s on May 12th and I am really not sure how it is going to go. I hope I don’t kill my knees too much. It will be a good time with some really great gals… wish me luck.


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