My feelings for Boston

I can’t stop reading the articles and looking at the pictures of the horrific act that happened during the Boston Marathon. As I runner I feel like I took it a little more personally. I mean, the fact that it happened at all, regardless of what event it took place at is disgusting. But knowing how hard these people have trained, and how hard they have worked to be there, and how proud the spectators were…. they all came together for the same reason… united. And to me that makes it even more disgusting that someone or a group tarnished that.

‘If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon’
-Washington Post

Running changed my life… it brought me a sense of peace that I think only a runner understands.


Last year my sister was in that very spot watching her boyfriend cross that finish line. Immediately I thought about that, that it could have been her. I don’t pray… but for this I am praying.

Please don’t let this be what our world has come to. Please. There is so much good in our world. We can’t forget that.


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