Happy Mudder’s Day

Well today was the day I had been dreading…tough mudder! I woke up around 6am to get ready and head out and let’s just say I was NOT happy. I was a bit of a bear. I headed over to my bestie Kelly’s house and we then went and picked up the other girls. We really had an awesome group of girls with us. I did the race with 5 girls from CFA. It was a fun ride down (just over 2 hours).

Mother Nature was NOT on our side at all. It was colder than freezing and we were being pelted by snow as we trekked up the mountains. I wore shorts which seemed like a good idea at the time because many of the obstacles you are wet for. But it was way too cold to do the wet ones. Most people doing it were skipping them. I was disappointed that I didn’t really participate to the fullest. I did conquer a fear and climbed a couple walls.

We had a blast with all the girls. Here is my awesome group.


I am seriously considering doing it over in September. As I sit here and ice both my knees I still think it was worth it. We did have fun despite how awful we felt.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Charlotte gave me these awesome slippers and a cute card.


James spoiled me with dinner at the leg and a zero gravity lounge chair for when the sun comes back.

I have a wonderful family.

Well lets hope I am not too sore tomorrow!!


I’m officially a tough mudder lol


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