Long weekend!!!

I am really excited today as it is the friday before a long weekend.  It’s almost here!!!  I have a weekend full of things to do.  Lot’s of fun plans.  I am having my family visit which I am really excited for, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful! 

I am feeling a bit like this right now:


I am really excited for tonight.  I am attending a workshop that will show me how to make a terrarium out of succulent plants.  Which I am currently OBSESSED with.  I am going with James’s sister and mom and I think it’s going to be a blast. 

Tomorrow is also very exciting because I am getting my hair cut.  I am mildly obsessed with my hair.   I LOVE gettting it cut and coloured and am always wanting to try new things.  This time I basically just need a cut because the ends are damaged from my ombre stage.  Which I think I am over now. I will also hit the gym for a morning workout. I had a rough workout yesterday after taking a few days off to rest. I felt tired and couldn’t get into it. Let’s hope I am back to myself for tomorrow’s workout

Sunday my family is coming for a late Mother’s Day celebration.  I am always excited for that.  I love hosting too, I always feel proud of our home and enjoy entertaining.  My parents will stay for the night and then Monday they will go home.

Monday morning there is a holiday WOD at the gym and they are always fun.  They often involve partners or teams since there is only one class that day and they get busy.  Then we are thinking we might go to Port Dover for the day for another fun day at the trailer. Here is a picture of the three of us last time we went.

photo (3)

Well it’s after lunch and the countdown is on!!! Hope it’s a good one!!!


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