No excuses

I have really fallen off the wagon when it comes to diet. And I can’t blame anyone but myself. And I can’t make excuses anymore such as “I had a bad day so I deserve it” or ” I will start Monday”. I am the queen of excuses. I need to be accountable for myself and my choices. I can see and feel my body changing and not for the better. I have worked so hard to tone my muscles and burn the body fat so it is disappointing to see that all fall apart.

I am very disciplined when it comes to my workouts so I don’t understand why I can’t instil that same discipline when it comes to diet. So I am going to try again.

This time with a friend. I am hoping that with the two of us being accountable to each other it will be easier to stick to it.

This weekend though I am going away for a preplanned special weekend with my love so I will let myself relax for that.

I also found a way to fit some fitness on to today when I couldn’t make it to the gym. I went for a short run while C was in her dance class and then set up my mat on the grassy area near the parking lot and did some ab work. And I feel great!

I also found this awesome spot to run


The way down was awesome but as always what goes down must get back up and it was a hell of a run uphill! But I did it. No excuses.


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