What a weekend!!!

Where do I start when talking about my amazing weekend? My love took me for a weekend away to Toronto to take in two baseball games. We are big baseball fans and we love our Toronto Blue Jays.

Saturday was game one. We had seats on the third base line. This was our view.


That’s Brett Lawrie. It was really nice and sunny out. The done was open.



Then when the game was over (sadly we lost) we headed back to our hotel for a rest. Then we went to dinner at The 3 Brewers. It was delicious.




J had a smoked meat flam (kind of like a pizza) and I had a chicken tenders salad.

Today was day 2 and we went to our second game. We first went for breakfast and a restaurant called Fran’s. I wish I had pictures of our meals because they were incredible.

The game was a great one. We say in the outfield. The seats were ok but it was really hot in the sun so we decided to check out the new viewing concourse and it did not disappoint. Check out this view.


We decided to spend the rest of the game here. The game was down to the wire. It was the bottom of the ninth inning and we were down by 2 runs. Time to get our rally caps on.


And it worked!!! Kawasaki won the game! The crowd was nuts and everyone in our section was high fiving each other and jumping up and down!!! Kawasaki was pretty excited too.


As if all that excitement wasn’t enough we decided to hit up one of the restaurants we saw on You Gotta Eat Here. And we went to Banh Mi Boys. We got Kimchi fries and I got the Kabel beef taco and J got the Pork Belly Banh Mi. It was to die for delicious.



All that eating and baseball watching has made us very very tired. Can’t wait to do it again though.



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