Tabata Tuesday

Today started off rough for me. I woke up in a bad mood and I blame it on the rainy gloomy day we were having. I hated my outfit which didn’t help anything either.

Work was one of those days where everyone wants to meet with me. This is normally fine except I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. And we had a fire alarm. Needless to say I wasn’t sad to see the work day end.

I got home to find this waiting for me:


If was very exciting and had this inside:


We made make your own pizzas for dinner which was fun to do all together. Of course mine had fresh pineapple on it. Then after dinner I decided to make a recipe I have been wanting to try. I made protein cookies. They turned out pretty good but I think I could do some tweaking to the recipe to make it even better.


I think they will be a good option to pack for right after a workout since I don’t normally get home for awhile after a workout to make something to eat.

Another exciting event today was my purchase of a Tabata timer app for my phone. If you are unfamiliar with Tabata it is basically short interval workouts with rest periods. So it is 20s of work and then 10s of rest. You do it for a total of 4 min or 8 intervals. Sounds easy but keep in mind you have to give max effort when working. I did a plank Tabata tonight. I think I am going to attempt one a day.


What’s your favourite Tabata workout?


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