Allergy season sadness

I have been telling myself this season will be different when it comes to how bad my allergies are but I think they are trying to prove me wrong. I have been waiting for them to kick in but hoping they wouldn’t but today I can’t deny it any longer. They have arrived. I wake up sniffly and sneeze all day. We ate dinner outside and now my eyes are so sore and itchy.

Today was a good day. It was really busy at work (as usual it seems). I took C to a pediatrician appt this morning and it went quite well. So that was a good feeling.

My lunch was so delicious. Last night we had our homemade pizza on a pita and I packed my lunch at the same time. J suggested putting some of the pizza toppings in my salad and what a treat it turned out to be! It was so yummy!


Then after work I went to CrossFit and the wod was a butt kicker. Big time. I was left gasping and sweating profusely.

Our warm up had a max effort 500m row which in itself had me out of breath. Then the wod was a 20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of the following:

15 dumbbell snatch with the right arm
30 kettle bell swings
15 dumbbell snatch with the left arm
30 kettle bell swings
15 dumbbell push press with the right arm
30 box jumps
14 kettle bell push press with the left arm
30 box jumps

I got through exactly 1.5 rounds. What a workout!

After getting home and showered we went across the street to James parents house for dinner. It was delicious and we ate out on the porch enjoying the nice country air (despite my sneezing and sore puffy eyes). Charlotte got to play with the calves a bit before we left. Here is a picture of Helen. She is so precious. She is blind and is so friendly.


One more day and then it’s my weekend. It’s a nice short week for me.


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