Friday Jr!

Today did not get off to a great start. I initially woke with a pounding headache but hit snooze and it seemed to help. However my alarm is a radio alarm and I was jolted from the sleep by my least favourite band and nemesis Nikelback. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t tolerate that band. So it’s a terrible way to arise from a slumber.

When I got up I felt like my eyes were so tiny from my allergies and I was right.


My day got better as it went on. We went to my favourite Thai restaurant for lunch and I got a chicken mango salad.

I went to the chiro today and got my orthotics. I am really hoping they are the cure to my knee and back pain. Then I went to CrossFit and my bestie was there too which is always awesome.

Today’s wod was 12 minutes every minute on the minute where for even numbers we did 5 front squats ( I did 65 lbs) and then the rest of the minute is a sprint and sit ups. Then the odd numbers was 5 strict pull ups and then again the sprint and sit ups. It felt really good to squat. I haven’t been doing much lifting in awhile.

We had some time after the wod to work on skills or lift so bestie and I decided to deadlift. To me there is no better feeling than lifting a heavy weight. I have missed it. I got a PR of 165lbs for a one rep max. Badass!! Hahaha

Hopefully I am not too sore tomorrow as I am planning on going at noon for a class since I have the day off.

I’m looking forward to an exciting weekend with family celebrating my baby girls 7th birthday!

What’s your least favourite way to wake up?

What’s your favourite lift?


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