A much needed looooong weekend

Well here we are, the Sunday of a long weekend and I am enjoying some relaxation. This is literally me right now.


It has been a lovely weekend so far and I still have another day left to enjoy it. Friday night we enjoyed a night out at the Keg with J’s parents and the French student who has been staying at the farm. Saturday morning I enjoyed some of my leftovers with my breakie before heading to CrossFit.

Saturday was UK Armed Forces day and our coach has done three tours on Afghanistan. So he does a special tribute wod to commemorate all of the soldiers who gave their lives there. The wod totalled 624 reps and it was a tough one. I took a picture of it because it was too long to memorize.


It took me over 45 minutes to get it done and at times I thought I wouldn’t finish it but I did. With the support from the rest of my CFA family I finished it.

After that it was home and time to get ready to head out to enjoy a wedding. It was one of J’s football teammates at the old mill in Ancaster. It is the most beautiful venue for a wedding. Here is a picture of J and I.


We sure clean up nice don’t we? It was a blast and we had so much fun with the most delicious meal and lots of fun busting out our moves on the dance floor. We met some pretty amazing people too. It was a late night which has resulted in a pretty lazy morning. I finally decided it was too beautiful to spend the day inside so I set up my new lounge chair and came out to read. I need to do this more often for sure. I am feeling so relaxed.

We haven’t got any plans for the rest of today which is quite ok with me. Tomorrow we are heading to Toronto to spend Canada day with the Toronto Blue Jays!

I can’t believe i didn’t mention that I am actually on vacation now. Except for the fact that I am actually going in to work on Tuesday morning for a meeting that will likely last until close to noon. Then I will be doing last minute prep and packing for our epic baseball road trip to Chicago! We are both really excited.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying your long weekend as much as I am.

Do you have any exciting Canada day plans?

Do you like road trips?


I can’t PR EVERY time… I guess

Today was exhausting. It was non stop rush and I am feeling really overwhelmed. I left work in a rush, late for my chiro appt. I got my treatment and went straight to CrossFit. I NEEDED to lift today. I knew it would make me feel better. Since the workout did not involve any lifting I opted to work on my own thing.

I worked on my push press. I was determined to break my 100lb PR. I needed it. I struggled when I got to 95 lbs but I knew I could get it.


The coach was encouraging me and there were a couple other members working on lifts and they were so encouraging too. I tried a lifting belt and I found it helped me with my lower back a lot. I put that on and I had 95 lbs. I threw another 10 on and was faced with 105 lbs.


After many attempts, walking away, attempting again, going for a run to clear my head. In the end I just couldn’t get it today. It wasn’t in me today. And that’s ok. I need to not let it disappoint me that I didn’t beat my record. It won’t be a PR every time. In the last 6 months I have gotten A LOT stronger and the PR’s have been happening a lot. But I need to remember its not going to happen every time. But I am going to keep trying because at some point down the road you can bet I will lift that 105 pounds over my head. Hell it might even be 110.


The highlight of the class was when a new member was amazed that I was lifting 95 lbs over head. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling.

After lifting I thought I would work on my kipping pull ups. And I am happy to say I improved and doubled my record and got 4 in a row! That felt pretty awesome.

When I got home after getting C to bed I did a Tabata workout of sit-ups work my rest being Russian twists. I think I will feel that tomorrow.

Then I made this delicious meal for myself.


It was a healthy dinner but it was very late. And I haven’t been making very healthy choices lately because I have been stressed out and I eat to feel better and I am too busy for the prep time. But I need to get my act together.

On a much brighter note tomorrow my bestie Laura is going to be in town and we are going for lunch! I am also starting my vacation ( well officially but not totally). My sweet C is going to spend a week with her Nana and Opa and she was too excited to sleep tonight. I on the other hand am exhausted. Good night friends.

A Loooooong Day

Today was a very long day. I was busy enough but the day just seemed to drag and drag. I couldn’t wait until the work day was over. I decided that since the day was so dull that I couldn’t bear the thought of a quiet night at home as I had originally planned. So I decided to go to CrossFit. My girl came with me and was very well behaved.

The strength wod was to work on our strict pull ups. I am getting much better and can even get one without a band!

Tonight’s wod:
25 dumbbell snatch
25 box jumps
25 dumbbell snatch
25 box jumps
25 pull ups
25 kettle bell swings
25 pull ups
25 kettle bell swings
800 m run

It was a tough one! Felt good when it was done. I did it in 14:50. Not bad! Then our coach led us through some an work holding weighted plates. I used 10 lbs. I am confident my abs will be sore tomorrow. At the end of the workout we hung out and watched some strongmen action. Our coach is training for strongmen competitions and he was deadlifting cars! It was pretty cool to see.

When we got home I had to make my dinner still and I had this:


It doesn’t look as delicious as it was. It was half a sweet potato spiced with paprika, chili powder and garlic salt with bocconcini cheese and an egg on top. I also had a leftover piece of bacon and a slice of cheese bread. We have to get rid of that cheese bread and never buy it again. It is irresistible.

Also I don’t know if you noticed the card I got from C. I included it in the picture with my dinner. She also got her report card today and I am one proud mama. She did amazing! Such a smart girl.

Last night J and I did some more planning on our Epic Baseball Road Trip and bought our game tickets! We are officially going to a Chicago White Sox game and a Chicago Cubs game and a Milwaukee Brewers game!



Those were a couple pics from our trip last year. The first was in Detroit where we saw a Tigers game and the second is in Pittsburgh. I am really looking forward to this years adventure!

Do you have any fun vacations planned this Summer?

Are you a baseball fan? What’s your favourite team?

The Countdown is On

This weekend was a busy one jam packed with plans and no workouts. I had a great ladies night with my girls from CrossFit and that was a blast. Maybe a little too much fun because I was in rough shape yesterday and spent a good chunk of the day asleep. Today was back to the grind and after a day long meeting I was glad to be back at CrossFit for a much needed workout. And today was the perfect workout for stress relief and to beat the Monday blues.

Our strength wod was to work on our 1 rep max of our power clean. The power clean isn’t a lift we work on a lot but it’s a lift we are always doing to get into position for other lifts like a front squat. When i get it off the ground and get the form right I feel a sense of accomplishment. I think it’s a really fun lift. I easily got up to 85 lbs and attempted 95 pounds a few times. I was so close it was frustrating. I ha the bar up right under my chin I just needed to get under it more but couldn’t seem to get it. With some encouragement an the threat of many burpees by my coach I was like f$&k that I’m not foot burpees and I nailed it. I got the 95 lb lift and was able to record a PR that killed my last one by 20lbs!

The workout was a 12 min AMRAP of:
1 power clean
3 front squats
8 toes to bar

I suck at toes to bar. I am awkward. I can do knees to elbows but even they are awkward. It has to do with the timing and the kipping. I tried two rounds of it but it was just sucking time for me so I switched off and did 12 sit-ups instead.

I worked at a weight of 65 lbs. I could have done 75 but since I haven’t been doing many squats lately I kept it light.

I left today’s workout feeling really pumped and confident. Much different than how I went in. I was dragging all day today. I love how lifting does that.


After I got home I foam rolled my legs really well and made this fabulous dinner of chicken thighs, chick pea and artichoke salad and a tossed salad with blackberries, peas, avocado, bocconcini cheese and a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette. Oh and a slice of the most delicious cheese bread I have ever had.


Tonight I am hoping J and I will finalize the details of our second annual epic baseball road trip which i am counting down to. This weekend is a long weekend and I am hoping to be officially on vacation as of Friday afternoon!

Staying strong

Today was another long day but I felt very productive. I wasn’t stuck in meetings all day so was able to get a lot more done. I only had to stay a little late after work which was pretty great since I had a chiro appt. This was the first session we had where she worked on my heel. She did some ART on it and then did the laser. I have had the laser treatment many times on my IT band so I know it is painless. However she warned me today that because I have a tattoo close by I might feel a burning. So the whole time she did it I was so tense. Good thing she also adjusted my tight back.

Today’s wod was pretty awesome. It was:

3 rds
400 m run
50 sit-ups
50 squats
10 pull ups

It felt awesome when we were done. Just the right amount of sweat and fatigue. Ahhhhh my favourite things.


After I finally got home I had some work to do. Get C showered and off to bed, laundry, put away laundry and make meatballs. I had taken some meat out for a dinner that wasn’t made so I had to cook it up. I totally winged it and came up with a recipe on my own. Here is the before and after.


Dinner ended up being a salad and meatballs and some of J’s moms potato salad which might just be the best potato salad of life. Check out this plate.


Thankfully tomorrow is finally Friday and the weekend is just around the corner now. I’m having a visit from my parents tomorrow night which is always nice.

My final note is about strength. I read a few blog posts about lifting weight and weight training and I loved seeing women talk about how good it feels to train their muscles. I think a lot of women are afraid of getting huge. I think I am toned and have more muscle definition than ever before. But more importantly I am strong. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling.


What do you mean it’s not Thursday??

This week has been weird. It’s been so hectic and busy that I am losing track of what day it is. All day today I thought it was Thursday. Then I would remember its only Wednesday and get disappointed all over again. So annoying. Yesterday was a day full of meetings and today was no different. I rushed home last night and had a hair appointment. I am lucky and I get my hair done at home by an awesome friend. So it’s always a nice time. Check out my new do:


I don’t handle change well. I like a schedule. Always have. I also feeling very strongly about routine. This busyness at work has caused me to deal with changes to my regular routine. An example was last night with child care and thankfully I have a great support system to help. Again tonight my routine was thrown off by a late meeting and I wouldn’t make my usual workout time. Things like that cause me anxiety and I need to be more flexible. I was able to go I just had to go to a different time and bring C with me. And it was fine! I need to get better with dealing with when things don’t work as planned.

Today’s wod:
In partners with 15 min cap

75 thrusters
50 burpees
50 thrusters
25 burpees
25 thrusters

While one partner runs 200 m the other works on the thrusters. Then switch off. The burpees are done with only one person at a time.

I was lucky to have a partner that doesn’t mind burpees. Whaaaaaat? Unheard of right? So we killed the workout and got it done within the time cap.


Note: I did push press instead of thrusters bc of my knee. It’s been feeling good and with all the running I thought I should take it easy. I also was really tired so went super light with my weight and did 35 lbs.

The strength wod I did was heavy deadlifts. 3 rds of 3 reps and I did 115 lbs.

Monday’s wod had 200 m of lunges and man am I feeling them today! For some reason lunges have a two day later effect and you really feel the pain then.

Lets hope tomorrow goes quickly and we can get to Friday that much quicker.

Do you like routine?

Is my partner for the wod tonight the only person alive that doesn’t mind burpees?

Manic Monday

I am sure this is not my first post where I have stated how much I dislike Mondays. But man do I dislike Mondays!! Today was no exception. I woke up an absolute allergy mess and did not want to get moving despite the fact that I set my alarm for an hour earlier than usual! I did eat breakfast which I have been trying to do. Just instant oats with protein but hey I actually ate breakfast which for me is impressive.

I have had a lot on my plate this past few weeks and have let it slack a little when it comes to diet. I start off every week strong and with good intentions but I get stressed and overwhelmed and I let it go.


I need to work on my self control. I am feeling weak that way lately for sure. I was good today I ate healthy all day. I have rediscovered my love for watermelon and feta cheese. I ate it all last summer (during peach season I added those) and its such a yummy refreshing snack. The sweet and salty combo is my fave.

So today I got in a mood and couldn’t decide if I wanted to skip CrossFit or not. I am so glad to say I didn’t and I was glad I went. It was a great workout and I felt so much better after it. My mood was totally different. I love that feeling. I found this quote inspiring.


I came home and made a healthy dinner of meat sauce on broccoli slaw instead of pasta and had more watermelon as dessert. I packed a healthy lunch for my looooooong workday tomorrow.

One more thing: I have discovered something that I love but fear all at once. Chocolate cream cheese! I haven’t tried it before bc I knew I would regret it and love it. But my chiro was telling me about how yummy it is and how it is better for you than Nutella. Soooo I bought it. And OMG it’s delicious. I had a tiny spoonful of it for dessert and am desperately trying not to go back and eat the rest of the container.

Now I need to get back to being lazy on the couch watching “come dine with me”. Happy Monday!!

What’s your favourite dessert guilty pleasure?

Any tips on how to fight the Mondays?