Sister Saturday

I had the day off yesterday and spent the day with some of my favourite people. I got to sleep in and had a delicious breakfast of English muffin with bocconcini, avocado and some leftover chicken from the night before. After I dropped C off I headed to CrossFit and did a morning workout. The workout was:

5 rounds
200m run
22 sit-ups
22 squats
And 4 pull ups. It was supposed to be heavy deadlifts but since I deadlifted the night before my trainer didn’t want me to do it again.

I later met my bestie for lunch at my favourite Thai restaurant (2 days in a row) and had coconut curry soup. My favourite.

After I picked C up from school we headed on a road trip to visit my sister. It’s been nice having some sister time. We went to the local pub for dinner and then watched a classic movie Conair.

Today we are hitting her CrossFit for a workout and then the kids get to do a class too! Then it’s a celebration at my parents house for my baby’s birthday tomorrow and it’s also my moms birthday Tuesday.



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