Take it easy

I don’t know that I have ever mentioned it but I am a high stressed individual. I don’t relax very easily… if ever. It can really catch up to you when you never relax. And that’s happening these days. I tend to always have a lot on my plate. And when I don’t, I find more to add to it. I think a lot of it is genetics. I come by it honestly… thanks Dad. But the other part of it I think comes from my past. I was very unhappy for many years and found it better to keep busy, I guess to avoid thinking about and dealing with all of the things that made me unhappy. Now I am so happy… but don’t know how to let that go and just enjoy things by the moment and let things just happen. It makes me anxious to not know the next step, or to not have a plan.


How do I deal with that? Well I am open to suggestions. Thankfully I have an excellent support system that I can talk about it when I am feeling anxious…except I tend not to want to talk about it. I have always used fitness as my outlet. That’s how I got into running, it cleared my mind. Now I lift heavy things. That’s what clears my mind these days.

This blog was started with the intention to act as a journal or an outlet for my feelings. I do find it helps to have a place to write about myself and what I am up to. Not sure it’s quite my outlet yet, but I am getting there.

Last night’s wod:

400 m run
pyramid 1-10
burpee pull ups
400 m run

I tried an OHS with a training bar in the warm up and immediately felt a pulling in my lower back. I thought nope, not able to do these yet. So while everyone else worked on back squats as the strength WOD I worked on my strict pull ups and dips. I am really getting a lot stronger with the pull ups. I have graduated to a red band. Maybe no band is in my near future? For the WOD I subbed in a strict press for the OHS. I used 55 lbs to start, when I got to 6 reps I lowered to 45 and then eventually down to just the 35 lb bar. I was happy with it.

Today is a rest day and I will be watching my girl run her first official 1km race! She is participating in the Ancaster Old Mill race. I have run the 5km route the last two years but decided to sit this year out. With the knee trouble and back trouble I have been having I decided tackling those hills wasn’t for me this year. Some members at my gym will be running so we will be there to cheer them on.

Maybe I will do a Tabata workout tonight after the race. Or perhaps I will do the unthinkable for me and …. relax!!!

What do you do to help you relax?


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