My Baby’s First Race

Last night I was a proud Mama watching my daughter participate in her first race. It was the Old Mill Race last night. I have run it the last two years but decided to sit it out this year. C did the kids 1km race and she loved it. She was so awesome she didn’t stop and walk once and was really into it! She told me this morning she is definitly in to do it again next year.

2013-06-05 13.18.49

I have to say it felt a little weird to be at a race and not be participating. We stayed at the finish line to watch some of our Crossfit friends finishing and I missed the rush that you get when you finish. There really is nothing like that feeling. This course is a tough one, it’s one of the hilliest races ever. There is a giant hill that you go down and up right at the beginning and again right at the end. They also serve the most delicious post race meal I have ever experienced. It is catered by one of the sponsers, The Old Mill, here in Ancaster. There is grilled chicken on or off the bun, hot dogs, salad with delicious berries and mac and cheese! Amazing!

I might be feeling somewhat inspired to sign up for another race. If I wasn’t worried about how long it would mess my knee up for I think I would be online right now searching for a race. For now I will wait and see how I do over the Summer with my knee and my new orthotics and stick to my regular workouts. I am hitting the gym tonight, wonder what’s in store for me there today!


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