More sister time!!

I am so pumped that the weekend is almost here!!! Only a couple more hours till it’s officially the weekend for me. I decided to treat myself on my lunch break and get my favourite lunch, thai food. And I got a manicure.

photo (3)

I felt I deserved a little treat since it’s been a very hectic week. I have a very busy weekend planned too. It was a nice lunch outing but it was also very sad for me. The reason is my bestie Laura and I (her blog is here used to do this very lunchtime routine together. And today I did it alone since she decided to move across the country. The truth is I miss her terribly. I was already aware of this but let’s just say this lunch break was salt in the wounds. Sigh.

Anyway, there is something to cheer me up… my sister and her bf are coming tonight! She is going to come with me to my crossfit and try a workout there! It should be fun, I tried a workout at her’s last weekend. It’s rare we have sister time two weekends in a row. We don’t live super close to each other, so this is a real treat. Then we are going to go to my favourite pub and enjoy some drinks and a band. And some unhealthy food. Speaking of trying my sister’s class at her crossfit- I am finally getting over the bruises I got from all the cleans we did. I found this comforting… and not just because I could stare at RG all day long.


There is no workout planned for tomorrow but I am walking in the Heritage Day parade here in Ancaster, so that will still be some exercise. Sunday I am planning to try a hot yoga class with a friend of mine I haven’t seen in awhile. I had sworn it off after a bad first experience but I think I am finally ready to give it a second chance. I will be sure to keep you posted on how it goes.

What’s your favourite lunchtime treat?

Any tips on how to survive hot yoga?


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