The best kind of weekend

This has been the very best kind of weekend. It’s been busy but also included some down time. And spent with my friends and family. Friday my sister and her bf were in town for the night. My sis and I hit CrossFit and did an awesome wod.

3 rounds
1 min push press
1 min box jumps
1 min wall ball
1 min row
1 min goblet squat
1 min rest

We also worked on our 5 RM of back squats and I got a PR at 115 lbs. Not too shabby. I think my sister was impressed to see her weak younger sister kick some ass.

We went to my fave pub for drinks and some delicious food. We had a blast. James met us after his baseball game and we had some good laughs.

Saturday was the Ancaster Heritage Day parade. J’s family has horses and are in the parade. They pull the wagon advertising our favourite pub. J drives the horses and C and I got to ride in the wagon. I didn’t get the exercise I thought I would since I didn’t walk the parade but my arms were tired from all the waving. C got really involved with the horses and was a big help.


We then all went to the pub for lunch. I had a delicious turkey sandwich with avocado mayo.

C then had 3 friends over for a birthday play date. They had a great time. We brought them over to the farm to see the animals and that was a big hit. The day was really tiring so we ended up staying in and having a movie night.

Today I went to hot yoga with a friend and I really enjoyed it. It was a 45 min class that involved small hand weights. I definitely think I will go again. I think it’s a good compliment to my usual more gruelling workouts. After yoga my friend and I caught up over Starbucks.

After I got home and showered me, J and C went to ribfest at the fairgrounds. It was so dead! Not much of a crowd at all. The plus side was no line ups for ribs. It was very delicious. The weather ended up being beautiful today so it was nice to spend the afternoon outside all together.

It’s too bad the weekend is winding down and it’s back to the real world tomorrow.


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