A case of the Mondays

Today I woke up with a terrible case of the Mondays. I didn’t want to get up. Sometimes having such a fabulous weekend can work against you on a Monday morning. It didn’t help that today was a very dreary rainy day.

I had issues with my hair dryer and I think it was taking its final breaths. It’s had a good long life and I think it’s time to let it go. This meant a lunchtime trip on the rain to get a new one.

I have to just take us back now to last nights dinner. James made homemade turkey burgers without a recipe. I made a mango slaw and an avocado mayo as toppings. We had that with fresh asparagus we picked up at a local shop and I made baked tomatoes with bocconcini and bread crumbs. We had the burgers with roasted red peppers on these cool pitas I found that had rosemary in them. They were shaped like the number 8 and just folded right in half. Really cool. Anyway check this meal out.


After work was CrossFit (as always on a Monday) and it was a good wod. The strength work was working on our overhead squats. My knees and lower back do not allow me to do that lift. Ever. Which sucks because I think it’s a really awesome lift. I worked on my 3 rep max of my strict press. I got 67lbs. I was pretty pumped about it since my 1 rep max has been 70lbs. Now I want to do the lift again and find my new one rep max.

Lifting is always a cure for the Mondays!!

3 rounds
400 m row
20 kettle bell swings
30 sit ups
40 squats

It was one of those ones that doesn’t look bad but is a real ass kicker.

I made a yummy dinner of fish tacos. I used up the mango slaw, added black beans and avocado to some steamed tilapia and this was the finished product.


Here’s to the end of Monday and onto the rest of the week!

Do you suffer from the Mondays?

What is your favourite lift?


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