A Much Needed Rest Night

Last night I took a much needed rest. I didn’t go to Crossfit as Tuesday’s are my usual night off. J had a baseball game and we haven’t made it to watch one game this season yet, so C and I went to watch. It was a good game, but unfortunately they lost. I am hoping it’s not because I am bad luck because they have won all their other games this season.

Here is J right before he got a hit.

2013-06-11 19.30.59-2

Monday I got to thinking that I am too rushed in my life and I need to step back and give myself more time. One of the times I am always rushed is in the mornings so I decided I need to get up earlier. I did that yesterday and was able to enjoy a nice breakfast that kept me full all morning.

2013-06-11 06.55.00

However, this morning I was back to the usual rush and had to make a shake. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Hopefully, I can get back to it and make more an effort to get out of bed and give myself more time! It’s hard when this is how you feel when you wake up.


Last night was a rushed dinner and I relied on our trusty panini press to help me make something delicious. J cooked up a couple chicken breasts we marinated in herbs from our garden. I made wraps with avacado pesto (my new creation that I am slightly obsessed with), bocconcini cheese, chicken and mango. OMG it was so freaking good!

2013-06-11 18.14.10

It was healthy too! Unfortunately my snacking on candy during the game wasn’t healthy. But hey, you can’t win em all right?

What’s your favourite candy to snack on?

Are you a morning person?


3 thoughts on “A Much Needed Rest Night

  1. I love the rare times that I don’t feel rushed in the morning- which is basically never 🙂
    Rest days are our days to thank our bodies for everything they do for us!! SO important!!!

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