Deadlifted Spirits

The last two days have been so busy and crazy. I didn’t get to write anything yesterday and I wanted to recap my workout and awesome dinner.

Yesterday’s wod:
12 minute AMRAP
2 deadlifts
7 hand raise push ups
9 goblet squats

I subbed the goblet squats for sit ups because our strength wod was front squats.

Then we had a wonderful steak dinner with mashed sweet potato, mushrooms and asparagus. We also made garlic bread out of a yummy pretzel bagel.


Today was a very brutal day. I am feeling really overwhelmed. I was so busy I didn’t have a chance to leave for lunch. Thankfully I have the worlds best bf and he brought me a delicious steak panini, a hard boiled egg and some trail mix.

I had such a chaotic day and felt so overwhelmed and rushed. I then went to the chiropractor and had my back adjusted. She also checked my foot and is sending me for X-rays because she is wondering if I may have chipped a bone in my heel.

I originally was planning on hitting up hot yoga but after a day like that I just really wanted to lift something heavy to help calm me down. You would think that yoga would be calming but for me i like to lift.

And it turns out I got to work on my favourite lift. Deadlifts!!!! Everyone else worked on thrusters but I have been having issues with those lately so I did my own thing. I am excited to announce I got another PR. I lifted 175lbs! I was so close to 180 but couldn’t get it. But I was so pumped about the 175. It’s such a calming feeling for me to be piling the weight on and lifting the bar. I came home in a much better mood.


The rest of my workout was 100 push ups and everytime I failed it was a 50 m row. I did my own workout bc the rest of the class was running. I was told today at chiro I cannot run or jump until we figure out what’s up with my heel.

I came home to find dinner ready and it was delicious. J made us meat sauce on broccoli slaw. We subbed the slaw for noodles and it tasted awesome! And a pretzel garlic bread bagel with some prosciutto along with it.


I can now enjoy the rest of the evening with lighter spirits and a full tummy.

How do you lift your spirits on a bad day?

Do you have a favourite lift?


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