This week is finally done! Woooohooooo!!! It was a long and hectic week for me so I am glad that its the weekend and I can R-E-L-A-X! I was able to sort things out with my heel (sort of) with a rush x ray and report and the word from chiro that it’s not a fracture. So now she can try and treat it.

I decided last minute that I did want to hit up CrossFit (I had thought about taking the night off) and I am glad I went.

Our strength workout was to work to a 1 rm for our strict press. I hit 75 lbs. it felt pretty awesome to lift that over my head with no help from the legs at all. It was a great group there today so with the cheers and encouragement I was able to get it up! It felt amazing.

The wod:
5 rounds
200 m run
15 front squats
5 burpees

The squats decreased every round by 3 so it was actually 15, 13, 9, 6, 3. The coach suggested I do push press instead of squats so I did. I started with 55 lbs but dropped to 45 the next round. I kind of wish I didn’t because it felt too light after.

It was one of those workouts where you read it and it doesn’t look so bad. Those are always misleading and they are way harder than they look. But in a good way.

And of course it included burpees which is always an ass kicker in itself.


It looks like it’s going to be a pretty awesome weekend.

Do you have fun plans for the weekend?


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