Happy Fathers Day!!

This weekend has gone by too quickly already 😦 yesterday was a delicious pancake breakfast for my girl and I before we hit CrossFit. It was a really intense workout. It was a team wod where there were three wods that everyone had to do. They were (in the order I did them):

1km run and 50 thrusters

PR your back squat

Burpees, box jumps, pull ups

Basically the person doing the wod I listed first with the run determines the time the other team members had to complete their wods.

For the back squats I subbed in push press and got 95 lbs. it wasn’t a PR (mine’s currently 100lbs). I was super close to hitting 105 but couldn’t get it. I assuming that the 50 thrusters I had just done had something to do with that.

I was super impressed with my 1km run. I was back in 5:13. That’s a pretty quick 1km for me!

After the gym C and I did some running around and came home for lunch. There was an air show going on that we could watch from our yard. There was a top gun style jet that went right over us!! J and I went for dinner to turtle jacks and I had the most delicious meal of blackened basa and lobster mashed potatoes.



Then we decided to go bowling! We haven’t been since our first date almost 3 years ago. It was a lot of fun.



Today is Fathers Day and I am doing my best to spoil J and show him how much I appreciate him for all he does for me and C. I made him this lovely breakfast and we are going for sushi for lunch.


Tonight we have more Father’s Day celebrations with his family that should be a lot of fun. I won’t see my own dad until next weekend. I talked to him on the phone this morning and plan on taking him to dinner next weekend when he is here visiting me.

I am lucky to have such a wonderful Dad who has always been there for me. He understands me and thinks I am as funny as I think I am. He is a fun guy to be around and I feel so blessed to have ended up with such an awesome Dad.


I hope everyone is remembering to spoil and thank the dads in your lives on their special day.


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