Manic Monday

I am sure this is not my first post where I have stated how much I dislike Mondays. But man do I dislike Mondays!! Today was no exception. I woke up an absolute allergy mess and did not want to get moving despite the fact that I set my alarm for an hour earlier than usual! I did eat breakfast which I have been trying to do. Just instant oats with protein but hey I actually ate breakfast which for me is impressive.

I have had a lot on my plate this past few weeks and have let it slack a little when it comes to diet. I start off every week strong and with good intentions but I get stressed and overwhelmed and I let it go.


I need to work on my self control. I am feeling weak that way lately for sure. I was good today I ate healthy all day. I have rediscovered my love for watermelon and feta cheese. I ate it all last summer (during peach season I added those) and its such a yummy refreshing snack. The sweet and salty combo is my fave.

So today I got in a mood and couldn’t decide if I wanted to skip CrossFit or not. I am so glad to say I didn’t and I was glad I went. It was a great workout and I felt so much better after it. My mood was totally different. I love that feeling. I found this quote inspiring.


I came home and made a healthy dinner of meat sauce on broccoli slaw instead of pasta and had more watermelon as dessert. I packed a healthy lunch for my looooooong workday tomorrow.

One more thing: I have discovered something that I love but fear all at once. Chocolate cream cheese! I haven’t tried it before bc I knew I would regret it and love it. But my chiro was telling me about how yummy it is and how it is better for you than Nutella. Soooo I bought it. And OMG it’s delicious. I had a tiny spoonful of it for dessert and am desperately trying not to go back and eat the rest of the container.

Now I need to get back to being lazy on the couch watching “come dine with me”. Happy Monday!!

What’s your favourite dessert guilty pleasure?

Any tips on how to fight the Mondays?


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

    • The cream cheese is so good. A word of advice- don’t buy it! I had two spoonfuls after that post last night and another one this morning when I made C’s toast! Water consumption is not good… doesn’t help I don’t have anyone asking me throughout the day how my water consumption is going. Maybe you could text me? xoxox

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