What do you mean it’s not Thursday??

This week has been weird. It’s been so hectic and busy that I am losing track of what day it is. All day today I thought it was Thursday. Then I would remember its only Wednesday and get disappointed all over again. So annoying. Yesterday was a day full of meetings and today was no different. I rushed home last night and had a hair appointment. I am lucky and I get my hair done at home by an awesome friend. So it’s always a nice time. Check out my new do:


I don’t handle change well. I like a schedule. Always have. I also feeling very strongly about routine. This busyness at work has caused me to deal with changes to my regular routine. An example was last night with child care and thankfully I have a great support system to help. Again tonight my routine was thrown off by a late meeting and I wouldn’t make my usual workout time. Things like that cause me anxiety and I need to be more flexible. I was able to go I just had to go to a different time and bring C with me. And it was fine! I need to get better with dealing with when things don’t work as planned.

Today’s wod:
In partners with 15 min cap

75 thrusters
50 burpees
50 thrusters
25 burpees
25 thrusters

While one partner runs 200 m the other works on the thrusters. Then switch off. The burpees are done with only one person at a time.

I was lucky to have a partner that doesn’t mind burpees. Whaaaaaat? Unheard of right? So we killed the workout and got it done within the time cap.


Note: I did push press instead of thrusters bc of my knee. It’s been feeling good and with all the running I thought I should take it easy. I also was really tired so went super light with my weight and did 35 lbs.

The strength wod I did was heavy deadlifts. 3 rds of 3 reps and I did 115 lbs.

Monday’s wod had 200 m of lunges and man am I feeling them today! For some reason lunges have a two day later effect and you really feel the pain then.

Lets hope tomorrow goes quickly and we can get to Friday that much quicker.

Do you like routine?

Is my partner for the wod tonight the only person alive that doesn’t mind burpees?


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