Staying strong

Today was another long day but I felt very productive. I wasn’t stuck in meetings all day so was able to get a lot more done. I only had to stay a little late after work which was pretty great since I had a chiro appt. This was the first session we had where she worked on my heel. She did some ART on it and then did the laser. I have had the laser treatment many times on my IT band so I know it is painless. However she warned me today that because I have a tattoo close by I might feel a burning. So the whole time she did it I was so tense. Good thing she also adjusted my tight back.

Today’s wod was pretty awesome. It was:

3 rds
400 m run
50 sit-ups
50 squats
10 pull ups

It felt awesome when we were done. Just the right amount of sweat and fatigue. Ahhhhh my favourite things.


After I finally got home I had some work to do. Get C showered and off to bed, laundry, put away laundry and make meatballs. I had taken some meat out for a dinner that wasn’t made so I had to cook it up. I totally winged it and came up with a recipe on my own. Here is the before and after.


Dinner ended up being a salad and meatballs and some of J’s moms potato salad which might just be the best potato salad of life. Check out this plate.


Thankfully tomorrow is finally Friday and the weekend is just around the corner now. I’m having a visit from my parents tomorrow night which is always nice.

My final note is about strength. I read a few blog posts about lifting weight and weight training and I loved seeing women talk about how good it feels to train their muscles. I think a lot of women are afraid of getting huge. I think I am toned and have more muscle definition than ever before. But more importantly I am strong. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling.



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