The Countdown is On

This weekend was a busy one jam packed with plans and no workouts. I had a great ladies night with my girls from CrossFit and that was a blast. Maybe a little too much fun because I was in rough shape yesterday and spent a good chunk of the day asleep. Today was back to the grind and after a day long meeting I was glad to be back at CrossFit for a much needed workout. And today was the perfect workout for stress relief and to beat the Monday blues.

Our strength wod was to work on our 1 rep max of our power clean. The power clean isn’t a lift we work on a lot but it’s a lift we are always doing to get into position for other lifts like a front squat. When i get it off the ground and get the form right I feel a sense of accomplishment. I think it’s a really fun lift. I easily got up to 85 lbs and attempted 95 pounds a few times. I was so close it was frustrating. I ha the bar up right under my chin I just needed to get under it more but couldn’t seem to get it. With some encouragement an the threat of many burpees by my coach I was like f$&k that I’m not foot burpees and I nailed it. I got the 95 lb lift and was able to record a PR that killed my last one by 20lbs!

The workout was a 12 min AMRAP of:
1 power clean
3 front squats
8 toes to bar

I suck at toes to bar. I am awkward. I can do knees to elbows but even they are awkward. It has to do with the timing and the kipping. I tried two rounds of it but it was just sucking time for me so I switched off and did 12 sit-ups instead.

I worked at a weight of 65 lbs. I could have done 75 but since I haven’t been doing many squats lately I kept it light.

I left today’s workout feeling really pumped and confident. Much different than how I went in. I was dragging all day today. I love how lifting does that.


After I got home I foam rolled my legs really well and made this fabulous dinner of chicken thighs, chick pea and artichoke salad and a tossed salad with blackberries, peas, avocado, bocconcini cheese and a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette. Oh and a slice of the most delicious cheese bread I have ever had.


Tonight I am hoping J and I will finalize the details of our second annual epic baseball road trip which i am counting down to. This weekend is a long weekend and I am hoping to be officially on vacation as of Friday afternoon!


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