A Loooooong Day

Today was a very long day. I was busy enough but the day just seemed to drag and drag. I couldn’t wait until the work day was over. I decided that since the day was so dull that I couldn’t bear the thought of a quiet night at home as I had originally planned. So I decided to go to CrossFit. My girl came with me and was very well behaved.

The strength wod was to work on our strict pull ups. I am getting much better and can even get one without a band!

Tonight’s wod:
25 dumbbell snatch
25 box jumps
25 dumbbell snatch
25 box jumps
25 pull ups
25 kettle bell swings
25 pull ups
25 kettle bell swings
800 m run

It was a tough one! Felt good when it was done. I did it in 14:50. Not bad! Then our coach led us through some an work holding weighted plates. I used 10 lbs. I am confident my abs will be sore tomorrow. At the end of the workout we hung out and watched some strongmen action. Our coach is training for strongmen competitions and he was deadlifting cars! It was pretty cool to see.

When we got home I had to make my dinner still and I had this:


It doesn’t look as delicious as it was. It was half a sweet potato spiced with paprika, chili powder and garlic salt with bocconcini cheese and an egg on top. I also had a leftover piece of bacon and a slice of cheese bread. We have to get rid of that cheese bread and never buy it again. It is irresistible.

Also I don’t know if you noticed the card I got from C. I included it in the picture with my dinner. She also got her report card today and I am one proud mama. She did amazing! Such a smart girl.

Last night J and I did some more planning on our Epic Baseball Road Trip and bought our game tickets! We are officially going to a Chicago White Sox game and a Chicago Cubs game and a Milwaukee Brewers game!



Those were a couple pics from our trip last year. The first was in Detroit where we saw a Tigers game and the second is in Pittsburgh. I am really looking forward to this years adventure!

Do you have any fun vacations planned this Summer?

Are you a baseball fan? What’s your favourite team?


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