I can’t PR EVERY time… I guess

Today was exhausting. It was non stop rush and I am feeling really overwhelmed. I left work in a rush, late for my chiro appt. I got my treatment and went straight to CrossFit. I NEEDED to lift today. I knew it would make me feel better. Since the workout did not involve any lifting I opted to work on my own thing.

I worked on my push press. I was determined to break my 100lb PR. I needed it. I struggled when I got to 95 lbs but I knew I could get it.


The coach was encouraging me and there were a couple other members working on lifts and they were so encouraging too. I tried a lifting belt and I found it helped me with my lower back a lot. I put that on and I had 95 lbs. I threw another 10 on and was faced with 105 lbs.


After many attempts, walking away, attempting again, going for a run to clear my head. In the end I just couldn’t get it today. It wasn’t in me today. And that’s ok. I need to not let it disappoint me that I didn’t beat my record. It won’t be a PR every time. In the last 6 months I have gotten A LOT stronger and the PR’s have been happening a lot. But I need to remember its not going to happen every time. But I am going to keep trying because at some point down the road you can bet I will lift that 105 pounds over my head. Hell it might even be 110.


The highlight of the class was when a new member was amazed that I was lifting 95 lbs over head. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling.

After lifting I thought I would work on my kipping pull ups. And I am happy to say I improved and doubled my record and got 4 in a row! That felt pretty awesome.

When I got home after getting C to bed I did a Tabata workout of sit-ups work my rest being Russian twists. I think I will feel that tomorrow.

Then I made this delicious meal for myself.


It was a healthy dinner but it was very late. And I haven’t been making very healthy choices lately because I have been stressed out and I eat to feel better and I am too busy for the prep time. But I need to get my act together.

On a much brighter note tomorrow my bestie Laura is going to be in town and we are going for lunch! I am also starting my vacation ( well officially but not totally). My sweet C is going to spend a week with her Nana and Opa and she was too excited to sleep tonight. I on the other hand am exhausted. Good night friends.


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