Overpacking and Healthy Snacking

Today has been a busy day getting everything ready for our epic baseball road trip which officially starts tomorrow. Let me just take a moment to point out something very important- I am on vacation!!! It felt like it wasn’t going to actually happen but it finally did. Despite the fact that I was supposed to be off since Friday, and I ended up working Friday morning and this morning, I am now on vacation for real. I worked for the morning and then came home and did some last minute running around for my trip. I went to the mall and did some shopping and got some great deals for both J and I to pack with us.

After we got some housework and laundry done I started packing. I have got most of what I want to bring ready I am just waiting on the last minute laundry.

I went to CrossFit for one more workout before our trip and the workout that everyone decided to do was the one we did Saturday. I was the only one that had already done that workout so my coach helped me work on some lifting.

I started with my strict press and worked up to a 1 rep max and got to 70 lbs. It wasn’t a PR but as per my post last week that’s ok.

I think my biggest challenge with lifting lately is my confidence. I have been having trouble just clearing my mind and approaching the bar with the confidence I need to make the lift. That’s what my coach was trying to help me do today. I definitely made some strides there.

We then switched and I worked on push press. I still wanted to get that PR I didn’t get last week. We went from a confident 95lbs to 105 lbs. I had it, I was so close. But I kept chickening out. I had the lift pretty much over my head and I just needed to follow through and that’s where I lost my confidence and kept dropping it. I made three good attempts but I didn’t get it in the end.

I need to keep working on that confidence thing. It’s tough. It’s intimidating lifting that much weight over my head. I know I will get it.



After the lifting I did a quick AMRAP of progressing sit ups and push ups. It felt good to get some lifting in before we leave. I am not sure there will be any exercising other than walking on this trip.

When I left the gym I REALLY wanted Wendy’s but I kept my will power in check and came home and made something on my own. I got inspired by a recipe I saw on Pinterest for green bean French fries. I didn’t use the recipe but used the idea and made my own. It was really simple. I cooked them a little long because I was trying to do too many things at once. So some of them were a little burnt but they tasted pretty good. I made scrambled eggs and half an English muffin to go with it.


I am so excited for us to hit the road in the morning and head to the Windy City for our first baseball game of our trip and hit up a Chicago White Sox game. And lots and lots of amazing meals!! If anyone has any suggestions of where we should go for our meals let me have it!

Have you ever been to Chicago?

Do you have restaurant suggestions for us?


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