Chicago baby!!!!

We are on day 2 of our epic baseball trip and we are having a blast! Day 1 was a loooong drive that started bright and early. We were on the road before 6am and made it here in about 7 hours. We got here around 130 which is about 230 at home. There’s an hour time difference. Yesterday we went for a walk to see the sites near our hotel when we first got in. Then we went to the coolest place for dinner, it was a rooftop bar.

I am in love with the city. The buildings are amazing. The architecture is incredible. I have been taking a ton of pictures of the buildings. After dinner we went to check out a White Sox game. We had a great time. There were more snacks there then I have ever seen at a stadium! My favourite was the corn.



Today we got up very late. We slept in! I guess the exhaustion of yesterday caught up with us. We went for a very yummy breakfast at a little cafe. Then we did some sight seeing. We went to Millennium Park which I loved. There were so many cool art exhibits and sculptures and we had a blast checking them all out.



We went to a place called The Purple Pig for lunch and it was such a cool experience. It was a Mediterranean style place where the plates are meant to be shared. Like Tapas. It was so good. We tried so many cool things. After that we hit navy pier and came back to the room to rest before hitting the town tonight.

Happy July 4th to all my American friends!


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