Milwaukee and Homeward Bound

The last leg of our epic baseball road trip was Milwaukee. I loved that city. It was a beautiful place with beautiful buildings and they love beer. I love beer too! We didn’t get to Milwaukee until later than we originally wanted because I decided to make an impromptu trip to the American girl store in Chicago. What a place that is! Two stories of dolls and accessories. C would have been on heaven. She will be thrilled with the goodies we picked up for her. And J was a good sport going with me and lasting as long as he did in that store.

So back to Milwaukee. We wanted to do a brewery tour but as we were headed there we saw too many little mini breweries that we wanted to stop at so we did that instead. We tried some different beers and had a delicious dinner. We each had burgers and then headed over to the stadium.

The stadium is really cool. Miller park is only 4 years old and it’s a nice place. We had awesome seats right behind home plate. We ordered bloody Mary’s and they came with pickles and pepperettes in them! It was a good game, the Brewers beat the Mets! It was the only game we went to where our team won.


We are on our way home and in the last couple hours of a 10 hour drive. We are back on Canadian soil now. I can’t wait to get home and see C. I am sad that my vacation is over though.

What’s your favourite type of beer?

Any vacations planned for the Summer?


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