Back to Real Life

Well the vacation is officially over 😦 That was the theme of the day for me from the moment I got up. It was so hard to get up and get moving.

We got home just after 10 pm last night and had one really excited little girl waiting for us. She was at J’s parents house and was waiting by the window. She was so happy we were home she burst into tears. What a sweet girl I have. So after some cuddle time we got to bed much later than planned.

Work was busy busy busy. As usual when you take a vacation and get back to work you wonder why you bother when everything is piled up. This week in particular has a lot going on so it’s going to be kinda nuts for me.

Along with that means I have to continue to be more flexible with my workouts and accept that I might not be able to get them all in. That’s pretty tough for me but I am working on it.


Tonight was a perfect example of that. I wasn’t able to make my usual time so I needed to find another time to go. Fortunately C got invited to a friends house for a swim so I was able to go during that time to get a workout in at CrossFit. It was a little in between classes but it worked out.

Strength wod today was 5 sets of 3 strict press alternating with 5 sets of 3 strict pull ups. I got to 65 lbs with my strict press.

The wod was a partner wod that involved all lunges and running. A LOT of lunges and running. I’m going to feel it tomorrow for sure. I was sure to foam roll when I got home.

I am having some back trouble again. I think I did something to it when I was working on the push press last week. All that walking and standing and the long drive made it worse. It was feeling better but that strict press has left me sore tonight. I think ice and Advil are in order.

I am also trying to get back on track with healthy eating after all the delicious vacation food. It’s hard when you are busy to find the time for meal prep. And for me healthy eating requires prep work ahead of time.

I am looking for ideas for quick and delicious meals! Anyone got any suggestions for me?


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