Shaky shaky legs

Today I feel a lot like this guy.

My legs and butt were S-O-R-E after last nights wod. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving when you feel the night before’s workout all day. I knew I would because we had done a ton of lunges.

Today was hectic and I worked late. I got out just in time to get C and we stopped at my friends house and she was so sweet and made her dinner. She has two boys. We all went to the gym and the kids hung out while we got our sweat on.

Today’s strength wod was to get a 1 rep max on our thruster. We worked on groups and I did awesome. I got a PR of 85lbs! Not bad at all!

The wod:
6 min ladder of push ups and squats
2 min rest
6 min ladder of thrusters and pull ups
2 min rest
25 burpees

It was one of those ones where you think that it doesn’t look that bad but it kicks your ass. We were told to go light for the thrusters. We were to do 25% of our 1rm which for many of us was just a bar. People kept asking are you sure? Well once the workout started we all understood why we were supposed to go so light.

However all those thrusters and squats have made my legs that much more jelly like. I am going to foam roll them again once more before bed for sure.

Tomorrow will be a rest day since I have to work late. And let’s face it- my legs need a break. I’m hoping to get up a little early and maybe get some abs in. But that will depend on how I sleep tonight.

Now I am curled up enjoying one of my fave shows “chopped”. If you haven’t watched it you totally should.

What’s your favourite show to curl up with?

What was your workout today?


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