Almost done

It’s Friday Jr and I couldn’t be more relieved. This has been quite a week for me and has been really draining emotionally. It’s left me exhausted mentally and physically as well. So this weekend cannot come soon enough.

I started this morning with a Tabata workout of sit-ups and instead of a 10a rest I did Russian twist.


As a result of all of the stress this week I have been really tight in my whole back and shoulders. I was able to get a chiro appointment at lunch and omg it was such a huge help. After that I went to the grocery store across the street that has a salad bar (one of my fave things ever) and got this bad boy.


It was delicious. And kept me full all day. Not shocking since its a huge salad. It was a late day at work as I made it home with literally minutes to get changed to head over to CrossFit.

Today was a good group of my family members there and we had a fun workout. First we did the beep test. I have never been able to participate because the sprinting bothers my knee but I tried it today and got to level 6! I was pretty impressed. I know I could have done more but I didn’t want to hurt my knee because I could tell it was getting angry with me.

The wod was a partner wod. It was :
10 min AMRAP
6 thrusters
9 pull-ups
12 lunges

You work on the AMRAP while your partner does a farmers carry/walk and then when they return they take over the AMRAP. We used 45 lbs for our thrusters and about 40 lbs each side for our carry.

By the end my shoulders were feeling it. And tomorrow I am sure will be even better. The best part was that one of my besties was my partner so that was pretty lucky.

When I got home my wonderful J had started dinner. We had pork chops that he grilled and I made some rice and just had a tiny bit. And then we made the most delicious salad that included avocado, tomato, cucumbers, red pepper, and herbs from our garden. We made a dressing that was a yogurt mustardy base. It turned out to be scuba delicious and quick dinner. I’m devastated to report I didn’t get a picture.

Earlier this week I got inspired by another blogger who put up before and after pics to show her transformation. I decided I would take some pics of my own. J took them for me in my sports bra and shorts post workout. I was so unhappy with them. My slacking has really caught up with me. I am so dedicated with my workouts why can’t I be the same with my nutrition? It was eye opening and disappointing. I guess I need to use those pictures as a motivator. I know I have it in me to have better nutrition. I’ve done it before!

One thing I will pat myself on the back for is I have been better with my water consumption.

I just need to focus and not make excuses.

Bring on the weekend!

Have you got any exciting weekend plans?

How do you stay focused and motivated?


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