A wonderful Saturday

Today really was a great Saturday. Just what I needed. I woke up and after a good breakfast of bacon and eggs I hit CrossFit for a workout. I was a happy girl when our coach announced our strength wod was to try and PR our deadlift. Don’t have to ask me twice!

I got going and starting packing the weight on my bar and it kept getting heavier and heavier. Yesssssss. I ended up with a 180lb lift! And yes a new PR! What a great start to my weekend!

The wod:
5 rounds
200m run
20 box jumps
15 kettle bell swings
10 dumb bell thrusters

I have done a lot of running and squatting this week so decided to just strict press my dumbbells since my knee was a little funny today. It was a tougher workout than it sounds.

We then went and ran some errands (c tagged along with me to the gym) and then headed home for lunch. After lunch we went to see Despicable Me 2. It was really cute. My friend and I were actually cracking up just as much as the kids.

When we got home I watered the garden. It makes me proud looking at how good it is doing. I really don’t have much of a green thumb.

Dinner was a delicious treat. I made two trays of roasted veggies up and I also tried something new and made grilled artichokes. I have only ever had artichoke hearts before and have been intimidated by the prep and how to eat the rest but it was easy and they were delicious!! J barbecued steak and he is pretty much an expert. It always turns out perfectly. And then I experimented with crescent roll dough and jalapeño cheddar cheese and made delicious garlic bread buns. Amazing.


Now it’s time to relax and enjoy a quiet night in. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Have you ever made artichokes? How do you prepare them?

Have you seen any good movies lately?


2 thoughts on “A wonderful Saturday

  1. how did you grill the artichokes? I have never done it but I really want to try.

    ps. we saw pacific rim last night, SUCH a good movie! we kept talking about how much we loved it for the whole walk home.

    • I can send you the link I found it online. I didn’t even know how to eat them. Many of the leaves you can’t eat the whole thing you kind of use your teeth to pull the flesh off.

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