So much sun…

Today was the best kind of Sunday. We got up and got ourselves ready for a day of sun and relaxation at the beach! I prepared a ton of snacks as I was elected to be on snack duty and I took the role very seriously. I cut up a watermelon and a bunch of veggies for a veggies and dip selection. I also made a nice batch of guacamole to serve with wheat thins and other crackers. We loaded up the car and headed up to J’s parents camper for the day. We went with J’s sister and her husband and his brother. J didn’t come because he had to work 😦

When we got there J’s parents grilled us burgers which I had bunless and covered in guac. It was so yummy! After lunch we hit the beach and spent the entire afternoon in the water and on our new lounge chairs I picked up yesterday.


We had an awesome time. There was just one problem. I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs. How does someone do something so idiotic you ask? I can’t believe it myself. I went in the water and then decided to put it on. So I got my upper back and arms and chest. My legs were wet so I decided to wait a few minutes and then I would put it on. Well I guess I never did. And really it’s no excuse because I should have reapplied throughout the day anyway.

When we got back up to the camper I realized how badly I was burnt and was so upset with myself. And I am in so much pain.

We stopped at Hewitts on the way home for a diner style dinner. I had a BLT and a poutine and it was so good. We were all so hot and tired from all the sun though none of us had much of an appetite and we all passed on dessert. Even C!

We got home and C and I had showers to cool off. Mine was cold to relieve my burn. You actually can see the entire bikini lines on my body that when I have nothing on the white skin looks like I still have a bathing suit on. I have already slathered my body twice in solarcaine aloe gel. It’s so uncomfortable. And it’s totally my own fault.

Tomorrow might be a very uncomfortable day in work pants. Ugh. I want to kick myself but that would be so painful on my lobster pink skin.

Have you ever got a bad sunburn? Any suggestions on how to soothe it?

What did you do this weekend?


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