My weekend at the beach

This has been a wonderful weekend full of fun and much needed relaxing. First I must tell you about the rest of my Friday night. I left off telling you about the storm that we had. It had cleared up when I left off but then it came back with a vengeance. J and I went to check out the corn fields because he was worried they were damaged.

So after driving around and checking out all the fields we headed home and it started to get really bad again. We sat in the car during a crazy downpour and then the biggest hail I have ever seen! Finally it stopped raining enough that we were willing to run to the house. And we found this:

I was so sad. It was such a pretty tree. It had c’s tire swing on it and it was our nice shade tree for our yard. So sad.

Yesterday I went to CrossFit in the morning as per usual for Saturday. We did a fun workout where the coach would yell out the movement and we followed. When it was the bar movements we couldn’t put the bar down in between movements. It was tough! Before that we worked on skills and a lift. I worked on my front squat. I was doing really well. I did 115lbs which was my current PR. So I upped it to 125lbs and I dropped down into it and was doing well when something went wrong. I lost balance and fell sideways and backwards. I didn’t drop the weight in time so it fell on me. Someone lifted it off me and I was fine. But I felt a pull in my hip. I did the wod after and was ok but it has been bothering me all weekend. It just gets really tight when I sitting or laying down for too long.

The funniest part about the reaction to the fall was no one was worried if I was ok. Including me. It was more just everyone saying “ohhhhhh you had that one!” It was funny. I decided to leave it and not try again. I think the biggest issue I had was I was wearing my shoes. They are too cushiony and I am better lifting with bare feet.

After the gym J and I packed up and headed to Port Dover for the weekend. His parents had their camper there and it was all ours for the weekend. We enjoyed lots of games of cribbage and backgammon. Some beach time and nice meals out. Today we went out for fish and played a game of mini golf.



I really couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to unwind after a hectic week. I feel rejuvenated and revived and ready to face a new week (well, sort of. I could use another day).

On our way home we did groceries and then made ourselves this amazing meal.

Grilled maple BBQ salmon and grilled asparagus and a grilled red pepper. Served with a couple cherry tomatoes and cheese curds we picked up in Dover. It turned out amazing.

Now it’s time to get organized and get ready to face the week.

Savour the last moments of the weekend friends!!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Do you lift with your shoes off or do you have lifting shoes?


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