Keep your chin up! I did.

Today started off like a Monday. J actually said when he woke up it feels like it’s gonna be one of those days. And I said well its a Monday so it likely will. And I wasn’t wrong. He had issues at the barn this morning and I drove away from Tim Hortons and left my teas behind. Ugh. But things turned around and it ended up being a pretty good day.

I came home for lunch (perks of living across the street from work) and made the most delicious panini. I used the garlic havarti and a fig apple spread and it tasted like heaven. And I warmed up some cherry tomatoes as well.

After work I headed to CrossFit and made it just in time to get started. We did our warm up as a group and then we were to work on a one rep max for our strict press and in between lifts try and work on pull ups. Today I finally did it friends. I did a strict pull up with no help and no bands! Just one but it was a good one! I was thrilled those are not easy to do.

Then onto my strict press. We didn’t use racks so we had to clean the bar. I PR’d with 77lbs! I was hoping for 80 but not tonight. I will get it next time.

Then the wod:
12 min EMOTM
3 sprints then lunges
3 sprints then push ups

I am still have hip pain from my fall on Saturday so I did two sprints and they were more like jogs and I subbed sit ups in for squats. I ended up with 107 sit ups and just over 100 push ups in total. Then I did 3 max effort planks.

After that I headed home and was feeling very domestic. I made a dinner of Philly cheese steak stuffed peppers (thank you Pinterest) and protein peanut butter cookies. J’s farm is known for the most amazing sweet corn and we got our first taste tonight. Dinner was incredible



I also premade dinner for tomorrow which will be Coconut curry chicken. I used a Paleo recipe I found but I am going to serve it with brown rice. I am trying to be more organized with my meal prep and so far so good. But it’s only Monday…

Do you premake meals?

Can you do a pull up?


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