Whiney Wednesday

This week has been off to a good start. Work has been busy but not so crazy so I have actually been leaving work at a decent time and having some time at home with family and feeling more organized. I have had a lot more time to dedicate to meal prep which has meant a much healthier week of eating for me.

Yesterday morning I did a Tabata workout that was sit ups for the 20s count and Russian twist for the 10s count. I didn’t go to CrossFit after work as I usually rest on Tuesdays and also because I had a hair appt! I love getting my hair done. Partly because it makes me feel pretty and also because I have the best girl that does my hair and she comes over and is a blast to hang out with. Check me out!

We also had an awesome dinner of coconut chicken and brown rice and Fresh sweet corn that J seasoned with spices and lime juice. I call it Fiesta corn and it tastes like heaven in veggie form.

Today I went to the chiro at lunch to get my hip pain from my fall assessed. Last night when watering the plants I twisted it again (clumsy) and it has been very painful. Turns out I have two grade 2 strains. One is in my upper quad and the other is that satorius muscle. She did some work on it and ordered me to rest. Gross. I do not handle rest well. I know it’s important but mentally I need my exercise time. I can’t do much of anything. No running, jumping, rowing, squatting. Basically anything with legs. Hence the whining. I am not a happy camper about that at all and am feeling rather sorry for myself.

I reluctantly followed the advice and took tonight off. I couldn’t sit still and decided to do another Tabata and do it with push-ups. And my arms are feeling it now! Tomorrow I might still go and do all upper body work. My coach has offered to help me out. I will get reassessed on Monday and in the meantime rest and ice like crazy.

J had baseball tonight so it was just C and I for dinner. She really wanted pancakes and bacon so I made those for her. For myself I made a bacon tomato and avocado English muffin sandwich and garlic Parmesan crispy edamame. It was another Pinterest find and man was it tasty. Then dessert was a mini glass of chocolate milk to assist with my chocolate craving and black raspberries and a peach.

Now I am just finishing up laundry and watching an episode of Snapped wishing J was home to force me to ice my leg since I can’t bring myself to do it.

Happy hump day everyone!

Do you have trouble with “rest” or do you welcome it?

Bacon sandwiches- ideas for toppings?


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