Pita Thursday and it’s Fridayyyyyyy

Yesterday was Friday Jr and a pretty good day. The one downside was that I woke with a headache and it hung around alllll day. In fact it’s still hanging around. I wonder if it’s going to rain. That’s usually the cause of these lasting headaches.

So yesterday morning I got the news that my cousin had a baby girl! I was in charge of driving her parents to the airport to visit her last night so I thought I should run out and get her a gift to send with them. I decided to do that on my lunch break. While there I made a very exciting discovery!
image (4)
Pita Pit is open! I immediately changed my plans of eating leftovers and got myself a small chicken pita. I have been dying for this place to open.

After work and my quick drop off at the airport I headed to the gym. As I mentioned in my Wednesday post, I have two strains in my hip so all I can do is upper body stuff. So that’s what I did. The wod was one that I would have loved to do.

8 rounds
1 min squats
1 min push press
* the idea was to total 60 reps between the two

Well, since I can’t do either of the movements I followed the timing of the WOD but for the first minute I alternated between pull ups, push ups, body rows, kettle bell high pulls and box dips. Then for the second minute I just did strict press. I used a 35 lb bar and that was plenty heavy after all those upper body movements.

I am definitely feeling it today in my arms! I will take today off since I don’t want to do that many days in a row of just upper body. I will go on Saturday though and do my own thing again. I was feeling super jacked when I got home though after all those arm movements. So I got J to take my picture flexing.
image (3)

After my workout I went back to Pita Pit because J was also excited about it opening so he had asked me to get him one. I obliged and since I was there…. I got myself one. hahah twice in one day! I actually went with a chicken salad for dinner so technically it’s not the same thing. And I had that with a side of… you guessed it, sweet corn.

As far as I am concerned you can never have too much sweet corn. Or pitas apparently.

What’s your favourite pita selection?

Any exciting plans for the weekend?


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