Weekend Recap

This has been a really great weekend full of fun with friends and family. Friday after work C and I went to get our nails done. Then we went to a friends house and had dinner and went for ice cream. The kids had a movie pyjama party and K and I hung out on her new deck that she built herself! She’s amazingly handy like that.

C has been under the weather all weekend with a fever off and on. She was a good sport and came with me to CrossFit for a workout. I am still only able to do upper body stuff so my SWOD was to do bench press for 100 reps. When I had to break i went and worked on strict pull ups. It was my first experience bench pressing (properly) and it felt really good. I have only ever done it on the machines at the gym that I didn’t really know how to use. The WOD was Fight Gone Bad. I love that WOD. But we had to modify the movements to all arm movements. It was a good workout and I definitely felt good after. But I can’t help feeling defeated after every workout because I can’t do the heavy lifting or cardio that I am used to doing.

Saturday afternoon was low key because C wasn’t feeling great. I unpacked the boxes that have been sitting in our kitchen since I moved in here in December. It looks much better with all the clutter gone. We had friends over for dinner so I prepared a delicious feast of southwest potato salad and homemade burgers. J made his Fiesta corn. It was such a good meal. We served chips and guac for appetizer and I also made peach cobbler from scratch for dessert. We had a great time catching up and we played Euchre. It was girls against guys and it ended in our favour with this final score.

The second game the guys overcame and they took that one.

Today we headed to my parents house to celebrate my niece’s birthday. She is a big One Direction fan and my sister and Mom ordered the most amazing cake for her. She was so thrilled!


It was so cute. We all picked audience members that we thought looked like us.


It was a great day hanging out with the family. I also got some work done vacuuming my car. With a beer. Because that’s how I roll.


I really couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Except that C wouldn’t have been feeling so off. She hasn’t been herself. And that J had to work and couldn’t come with us today. It’s always so sad on Sunday nights knowing I have to face Monday morning so soon. Lets hope it’s nice to me this week.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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