Baseball and bacon

Tonight was a weird night. I am really up and down. When work ends and it comes the time of day where I would normally head to CrossFit and work out I feel that void. I’m not trying to sound dramatic but it has become such a part of my routine that the absence of it is so huge for me. And I am a real sucker for routine. So instead I decided to go for some retail therapy. I picked up C and we headed to Target. Check out this bird print dress I found.

Then we came home and had a quick dinner of bacon sandwiches and headed for an ice cream and to watch J play baseball. It was nice to be out but I still kept feeling sorry for myself.

I realized I need to stop. So as I sit here in bed icing my hip I decided to think about all the things I love about my life.
1. Baseball games – love them. So much fun, and so relaxing to me. Plus they remind me of all the awesome times I have had with J watching them. So I thought I would give myself a pep talk baseball style.

2. My friends- I have been blessed with so many awesome friends in my life. Friends that are there for me to vent to and help to cheer me up. I am a lucky girl to have a good group of friends.

3. J- where do I even start about this guy. He is always supportive and always making me feel special. He can see when I am having a hard time and does everything he can to make me smile. I am thankful every day that he loves me.

4. My family- I have an awesomely close family who is a ton of fun to hang out with. My extended family (on J’s side) are also so great to me. We help each other out and that’s pretty amazing.
5. Finally my sweet little C. With her feeling under the weather the last few days I have gotten extra hugs and cuddles. I am so lucky to have been blessed with the sweetest little girl who has one of the kindest most sensitive hearts I know. I am proud of her every day.

So instead of going to bed in a funk feeling like my life sucks, I am going to focus on all the greatness in it and try and take on tomorrow with a more positive attitude. In style. In an awesome bird print dress.


What are you most thankful for in your life?

How do you cheer yourself up when you are in a funk?


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