Four Things…I Admit It

There are four things you need to know about me that will confess to you.

1. I LOVE getting my hair done. When I have an appointment I look forward to it for weeks. And I love trying new things with the colour. It’s such a great feeling after and for me that great feeling lasts a couple days.

2. When I hear the song “Gold digger” by Kanye come on my ipod I never skip it. I can’t. It’s just so catchy. (I will skip it if my daughter is in the car but it’s hard for me). And I always think I can wrap when it’s on but it’s more like mumble mumble and then confidently working the few words I do know.

3. My favourite thing to eat is Thai food. Preferably from My Thai. I could eat there every day. I usually end up there once a week. And it’s not unheard of for me to go more than once a week. #sorryimnotsorry

4. I have an addiction to reality television. But more specifically MTV challenge shows where ex real world stars compete in challenges. The real drama is in watching them fight with each other. Some of them have made a real career out of it. And that fascinates me.

Tonight really has been a perfect night for me. I got my hair done and I absolutely LOVE it. On the way home Golddigger came on and I rocked it. I think I rapped more words than I mumbled. And I looked great doing it (see point number 1 above). I ordered up some Thai takeout ( and have enough for lunch tomorrow too #bonus) and curled up on the couch and watched an episode of MTV rivals that I had PVR’D. Can you say amazing?!!

To make things even better its Friday junior! Of a long weekend!!!


I’ve got quite a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow and Saturday there is a festival that J’s family is selling corn at and I am going to be helping out. I think it will be a lot of fun. And I am looking forward to spending lots of time with J as we haven’t seen much of each other since last Friday as I was away camping and then visiting my family, and his work schedule has been busy.

We did get to spend dinner together last night and we enjoyed a pretty amazing meal at a cute little restaurant downtown. I love that we had that time together in the midst of our busy lives. And I am so lucky to be spending my life with someone so wonderful.


I got a little mushy there but I couldn’t help it.

Here’s to the long weekend friends!!

How will you be spending your long weekend?

What song can you never skip on your iPod when it comes on?


Zoo fun, family time and my tummy hurts

I was lucky enough to extend my weekend by an extra two days so here it is Tuesday night and it feels like a Sunday. I took a couple days off to do some family stuff with C and the rest of my famjam.

Monday we were supposed to go the Zoo however Mother Nature had other plans for us. We woke up and looked outside and it was not a very nice day at all. So instead we went to my sisters house and spent the day there. We went out for lunch and then me and C and my niece went to my parents house for dinner and to sleep. We had tacos and a trip to Yogurtys.

This morning Mother Nature was better to us and we woke to a beautiful day so we headed to the zoo. It was nice for us all to go together. It got pretty hot out and was a lot of walking.


After we got home we spent some time at mom and dads and then went out for dinner. I have been eating SO bad since Friday. And I am really feeling the effects of it. My tummy is so angry at me. I need to clean up my eating this week for sure.

C decided she wasn’t ready to come home and is going to spend a couple more days with my parents.

Today is my three year anniversary with J. The best guy ever who I feel so very lucky to have in my life. We are hoping to celebrate with dinner tomorrow so more on anniversary details later!


How will you celebrate your next anniversary?

What’s your favourite animal at the zoo?
Mind was definitely the gorillas. They are so much like people.

Grace in Your Heart & Flowers in Your Hair

This has been a very very busy and fun filled few days. Where do I even start?

First things first, Thursday I got my MRI results. The good news is that there is no labral tear in my hip which is what we were worried about. The bad news is there is a partial tear in my quad muscle right at the insertion point. It’s not terrible because we have at least been doing the right treatment so we are on the right track. The radiologist also said that it looks like a very painful injury. I found this somewhat comforting. The reason is that it would have been worse if they had said they don’t see anything wrong and my pain was not explained. Now I know what it is and I feel a little bit less of a wimp.

Friday was the beginning of my weekend as I took the day off work. My bestie K and I headed to Simcoe for the Gentlemen of the Road tour that was happening featuring one of my favourite bands Mumford and Sons!!! It was a camping weekend. We got there around 1030 in the morning and set up in what we called “tent city”. There was a sea of tents. People everywhere!!

<img src="" alt="20130825-181744.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

We had an amazing time people watching, sun bathing, playing cribbage and eating. Oh there was so much eating…


I had pulled pork poutine the first day which we shared and then had the most delicious apple dumplings covered on hot caramel sauce. The next day I tried smoked meat poutine from a different food truck. We also enjoyed ice cream, and lots of beer.

One thing I can say I learned this weekend is I am way too old for this type of event. The first night I barely slept because I was so cold. With my quad injury I was so so sore sleeping on an air mattress and getting in and out of the tent. The crouching down and climbing in and out were not good positions for me. Today I am literally sore all over!

But we had so many great laughs I wouldn’t change a thing. And the concert was so fun! We heard some new bands I had never heard of. One I really liked was Old Crow Medicine Show. They had the crowd dancing! And of course Mumford and Sons was incredible! Here is some of their lyrics that I love…

One of the nicest things about a couple of days away is coming home. It was so nice to see J and C. We had a delicious dinner with lots of veggie options as I needed some good healthy choices after the eating and drinking I did over the weekend.

We had grilled chicken with homemade BBQ sauce, garlic parm corn, grilled zucchini, cheesy garlic buns and a delicious corn chowder.


Now I have a couple days off to enjoy with my favourite little girl.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you got any concerts coming up?

Some Good-ish News

Today I had another appointment with my chiro for my hip. She was really impressed with how it’s doing. I think I have finally turned a corner. She hasn’t got my MRI results yet but spoke to the radiologist and is confident she will get them tomorrow. For now I am still not supposed to do anything with it just until we rule out a tear. I tried to convince her to let me run a little but she said the impact is going to make it worse if its a tear. So I must be patient a little longer. Though last night I tried a couple air squats and it felt pretty good.
She gave me some exercises to work on to help strengthen my quad.

Speaking of pretty good. This is my new favourite breakfast.

It’s an English muffin with avocado and a cranberry cheese I found at the grocery store. It’s incredible.

I made this yummy meal last night. Garlic parm corn with some leftover chicken and a homemade curry sweet potato carrot soup.

The soup was not my best batch as it was a little carrot heavy and not enough curry.

I went to CrossFit tonight and it was really tough for me because the strength wod was my very most favourite lift – deadlift. Everyone was working to their one rep max. There were some really impressive lifts. I did the motion of the lift but kept it super light so it was more just moving my legs and stretching a bit. It felt good but it was tough to not be able to add weight and try and hit a max. I did the wod with modifications

5 rounds
30s plank
10 push ups
10 push press with dumbbells
10 body rows on the rings

I finished in 13:36. Not bad. It was a good one considering it was all arms.

Tomorrow is my Friday since I am off Friday because I am going to a concert with my bestie, K that’s a weekend long camping concert. I am NOT much of a camper so it could be interesting.

Do you like camping?

What was the last concert you went to?

Grouchy Monday and a New Discovery

To say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today would be an understatement. I woke up an absolute bear. I think I am getting a little burnt out. Not enough relaxing and not having my outlet of exercising to help me with my stress relief is beginning to catch up with me.

Today I felt like this:


And also it seemed like it would be this kind of a week for me.


I went to CrossFit today and had asked my coach to help me figure out enough movements so that I could actually participate in the class as opposed to doing my own thing. He was able to come up with something for me and it meant a lot to feel a part of the class.

Strength wod was 5 rm’s of back squats. I did strict press, no max’s just light weight of 35lbs and then up to 45lbs and then I did strict pull-ups in between sets. It felt SO good to hold a barbell and not just dumbbells!!! I can’t even explain it. Even if it was just light. I didn’t try to increase the weight because right now even cleaning the bar is too much for my hip.

EMOTM (every minute on the minute)
Odd- 7 dumbbell power clean presses and the rest of the minute crunches
Even- 7 push ups and the rest of the minute plank

It was a good workout. Just no real cardio or sweat on for me. But it was a start so it’s something.

For dinner I made tacos and had mine like this.


I stopped at the grocery store and discovered this.


I might have officially tasted heaven. I also bought some berries and I think I may have found the most giant blackberries ever.


Speaking of giant berries (I’m sorry in advance for this awful joke) there is a show on tonight that I can’t stop watching called “The Man with the 132lb Scrotum”. Whaaaaaat? It’s on TLC of course. That channel has some strange programming. I guess it can point out that my life could be worse right??

Anyway tomorrow is a new day and it’s a short week for me with a super fun weekend planned.

What was your dinner tonight?

Have you watched any strange shows lately?

Sister time, Strongmen and Brain Freeze

This weekend has been a lot of fun and as usual a busy one. Friday night I had a friend over and she has a four year old little guy. We made a delicious dinner of panini pressed bacon, cheese and guac English muffins and my usual cucumber and tomato salad. We went across to the farm and had a mini tour and fed some calves. We also had some corn on the cob (obvi). Then we went for ice cream and walked to see J’s baseball game.

Saturday morning was my MRI appointment and I was so nervous. I know it’s silly but I just didn’t know what to expect. The guy doing the scan was really nice and explained the whole procedure and answered my silly questions for me. He explained its not like on House where if you have any metal in your body it will be ripped out of you. So it helped me relax. But it was very noisy and I was in there for a long time. Almost an hour! I was so uncomfortable because I didn’t think to take my ponytail out and I was laying on it for a long time. I had these goggles on that played a movie about under the ocean, which I didn’t like because fish creep me out. And also since I couldn’t wear my glasses I felt like it was just straining my eyes.

After the appointment I decided I would go to the mall for some me time and I had a nice little excursion and got myself a couple treats and some back to school stuff for C. Later that afternoon my sister and her bf came for a visit. My friend K and her boys came over too and we had a delicious BBQ of chicken with my own homemade BBQ sauce, fiesta corn and veggie skewers. With grilled pineapple as well. Then for dessert we made ice cream sandwiches with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Later that evening we played Euchre and my and my sister’s bf kicked some butt against J and my sister.

This morning we went out for breakfast and then went to my CrossFit gym and watched a demo of some of Ontario’s strongest men doing some of the events. It was pretty cool. They were dead lifting cars and clean and pressing a log that had 300 lbs on it! Then there was a yoke walk which was walking with a rack and weights. They had 800lbs on it at one point! Amazing.


Tonight we had chicken pot pie for dinner and I made a new corn creation and made a garlic parm corn. I’m really going to miss sweet corn when the season is over.


After dinner we went on a little drive to get froyo as our dessert.

It was so good. On mine I got my favourite flavour “tart” and nerds. But then I couldn’t resist a little serving of the snickers flavour and several types of peanut butter and chocolate toppings. C had a few episodes of brain freeze but we got through it.

After such a busy weekend it’s time to get to sleep early and get ready to face Monday.

What’s your favourite froyo flavour?

How was your weekend?

Blogtacular and more recipes

I haven’t been very good with my life updates this week. J asked me why and I told him I didn’t feel like I had anything blogtacular to say. I originally started blogging as a journal of my workouts and since I have been sidelined I feel like I don’t have anything to write about.

I did go on Wednesday and did another arm workout. I did some new stuff but the rest of the class was doing a kick ass wod and it was hard for me to just sit and watch them. I am dying to do some cardio!!! I would love to go for a little run or something but not yet. It’s healing well but it’s so slow. We discussed some more ab stuff I could try. Planking doesn’t hurt as much anymore but sit ups are still a no no.

Anyway, I have been on a real cooking spree this week. Trying to come up with some new ideas instead of the same old meals. I think I have done pretty well with it.


The first is Sausage stuffed eggplant boats. Those I made the most delicious sauce for using my usual recipe and adding artichoke hearts to it. The sauce turned out so amazing but the eggplant was just ok. Not sure I would make it that way again.

The other one is Baked Chicken Meatballs with cucumber, tomato, artichoke salad with guacamole and fresh farm corn.

Finally the bottom one was tonight’s creation. I made a Sweet Potato and Apple Hash and ate it with a fried egg on top. I really enjoy the sweet potato and egg combination.

As you know we have really been enjoying farm fresh corn around our house. C has become an expert in husking corn.


I should have more blogtacular news to share with you after this weekend. I have some pretty fun plans. That include a visit from my awesome sister!!!

Have you made any new recipes lately you could share with me?

What have you got planned for this weekend?