Holiday, Sun and Farm Time

Today was a pretty great day. It is a holiday Monday and I took full advantage of that. My parents were here overnight so I has breakfast with them and them we got everything packed for C for the week and she is spending it at their house. After our goodbyes I came inside and cleaned up a little and then I decided to try an arm workout. I figured I could do some dumbbell stuff as long as I was seated. So I came up with this:

It felt pretty great to do something, even if wasn’t a barbell. It felt good and my arms are feeling it a little bit right now as I am relaxing.

Then I went outside and did a lot of this:


It was nice and relaxing. Then J got the idea that it would be fun for me to join him at work for awhile. So I agreed. Reluctantly. But it ended being a lot of fun. We gave a couple of cows a bath. I think the farm thing is starting to really agree with me.


I decided I wanted to try another recipe that I have had my eye on for awhile and I made roasted cabbage. It turned out really good. Dinner was turkey meatballs (that I made Saturday and froze), sweet potato that I roasted up and my roasted cabbage. And leftover sweet corn stuffed peppers from last nights appetizers. It was such a yummy dinner.

It’s so sad that the weekend is over and it’s back to the real world now. At least it’s a short week. And I have a ton of fun plans for the week ahead.

Happy civic holiday!


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