Gizoogle, Guacamole and Dumbbells

This week has been pretty great so far. Coming off a long weekend is never easy but we are getting through it and are even closer to the weekend already. When discussing our meal planning this weekend for the week we got creative and came up with Meatball Monday (which was delicious) and Taco Tuesday. We had friends over to enjoy some grilled chicken and steak tacos which we served with corn and peppers and onions. Our friends brought the most incredible Guac I have ever had. For real. It was so delicious. I say this as I finish up the last of it as a snack. (J if you read this before you look in the fridge, I’m sorry) #sorryimnotsorry

Anyway, back to my story. We enjoyed our tacos and then played Euchre. I won’t get into the boring outcome of how it ended up. That’s not really that important. Tonight we were supposed to go out for dinner to a restaurant we have a Wagjag for. Fittingly we named it Wagjag Wednesday. unfortunately that isn’t happening because the restaurant is closed so they can enjoy a nice vacation. So we are going somewhere else. After racking my brains to think of another meal, we could have done wieners, or wings… but neither of those appealed to me.

I went for another treatment at chiro today and since I am showing some improvement we decided I could TRY going to the gym tonight. And of course JUST for arm stuff. I was excited about going back in and seeing the renovations but I was also excited because now I can call today Workout Wednesday!!! Yay! I know, it’s sad. But I am having fun with it.

I went to Crossfit after work and it was so nice to see everyone! I got my own little seated dumbbell workout that I did and it felt great. The wod looked like a brutal one, so I was a little jealous of how sweaty they all were. But mostly I was just SO SO happy to be back.


This has always explained my love for my Crossfit gym. It’s my other family. And it was so nice that they were happy to see me back, and wanting to know how I have been. I am a happy girl tonight. My coach gave me the following arm workout:

seated presses 3×18
incline flies and incline raises 3×12
15 of each- dips, band pulldowns, high pulls and bicep curls

Another fun tidbit of what made my day so great, is the discovery of Gizoogle. Someone on my facebook posted a link to it and I just can’t stop looking things up on it. It’s too funny! I even looked up my blog and it was hilarious. For anyone who hasn’t played around with it, you really must. Totally a time waster, but worth it.

Well friends- that’s all I got for you today! Small improvements made a big difference in my day today.

What made your day brighter today?

Do you have an awesome Guac recipe that you want to share with me?

Have you played around on Gizoogle?


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