Weekend recap and new recipes

The last few days have been busy! Friday night after work I got a mani pedi from a friend and we hung out for a bit and chatted. Then I went and watched J’s baseball game. I was invited to have a couple beers with the team after so of course I obliged. I wouldn’t want to be rude.

Saturday I had a chiro appt first thing and I am excited to say we are finally seeing some improvement in my hip. My range of motion is much better than it was. So that’s exciting. Still no green light to work out yet though. Then we had a wedding and it was such a perfect ceremony. The vows were so down to earth and real life. Totally the kind of vows I would want at my big day. It was a fun wedding at a really neat location that had lots of spots for us to explore.



Sunday we got C back from my parents and dropped her off at a birthday party on our way home. Then we celebrated an engagement/ shower for J’s cousin with the family and that was really nice.

I took today off work and had a great day getting errands done that I have been putting off. I also had a chiro treatment and went to CrossFit and did an upper body workout. Today I was allowed to work on strict pull ups. I also added in some crunches (sit ups are still a no no). Then I had lunch with one of my besties, K, and we hit up Costco. Not a bad day at all.

This evening I have been hard at work making some new recipes. I made a delicious pasta sauce to use for a recipe I am making for dinner tomorrow. It’s a sausage and artichoke sauce and it turned out pretty great. And then I decided to make a variation of a salad I found on Pinterest. It’s a Thai Peanut Quinoa Salad. I used a recipe I found as a base but changed it to suit my taste more including adding lime and fresh sweet corn. It turned out so delicious!


I can’t wait to show you the recipe I am making tomorrow night! You will have to stay tuned.

Did you try any new recipes recently?

Do you use Pinterest to find recipes?


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