Sister time, Strongmen and Brain Freeze

This weekend has been a lot of fun and as usual a busy one. Friday night I had a friend over and she has a four year old little guy. We made a delicious dinner of panini pressed bacon, cheese and guac English muffins and my usual cucumber and tomato salad. We went across to the farm and had a mini tour and fed some calves. We also had some corn on the cob (obvi). Then we went for ice cream and walked to see J’s baseball game.

Saturday morning was my MRI appointment and I was so nervous. I know it’s silly but I just didn’t know what to expect. The guy doing the scan was really nice and explained the whole procedure and answered my silly questions for me. He explained its not like on House where if you have any metal in your body it will be ripped out of you. So it helped me relax. But it was very noisy and I was in there for a long time. Almost an hour! I was so uncomfortable because I didn’t think to take my ponytail out and I was laying on it for a long time. I had these goggles on that played a movie about under the ocean, which I didn’t like because fish creep me out. And also since I couldn’t wear my glasses I felt like it was just straining my eyes.

After the appointment I decided I would go to the mall for some me time and I had a nice little excursion and got myself a couple treats and some back to school stuff for C. Later that afternoon my sister and her bf came for a visit. My friend K and her boys came over too and we had a delicious BBQ of chicken with my own homemade BBQ sauce, fiesta corn and veggie skewers. With grilled pineapple as well. Then for dessert we made ice cream sandwiches with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Later that evening we played Euchre and my and my sister’s bf kicked some butt against J and my sister.

This morning we went out for breakfast and then went to my CrossFit gym and watched a demo of some of Ontario’s strongest men doing some of the events. It was pretty cool. They were dead lifting cars and clean and pressing a log that had 300 lbs on it! Then there was a yoke walk which was walking with a rack and weights. They had 800lbs on it at one point! Amazing.


Tonight we had chicken pot pie for dinner and I made a new corn creation and made a garlic parm corn. I’m really going to miss sweet corn when the season is over.


After dinner we went on a little drive to get froyo as our dessert.

It was so good. On mine I got my favourite flavour “tart” and nerds. But then I couldn’t resist a little serving of the snickers flavour and several types of peanut butter and chocolate toppings. C had a few episodes of brain freeze but we got through it.

After such a busy weekend it’s time to get to sleep early and get ready to face Monday.

What’s your favourite froyo flavour?

How was your weekend?


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