Grouchy Monday and a New Discovery

To say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today would be an understatement. I woke up an absolute bear. I think I am getting a little burnt out. Not enough relaxing and not having my outlet of exercising to help me with my stress relief is beginning to catch up with me.

Today I felt like this:


And also it seemed like it would be this kind of a week for me.


I went to CrossFit today and had asked my coach to help me figure out enough movements so that I could actually participate in the class as opposed to doing my own thing. He was able to come up with something for me and it meant a lot to feel a part of the class.

Strength wod was 5 rm’s of back squats. I did strict press, no max’s just light weight of 35lbs and then up to 45lbs and then I did strict pull-ups in between sets. It felt SO good to hold a barbell and not just dumbbells!!! I can’t even explain it. Even if it was just light. I didn’t try to increase the weight because right now even cleaning the bar is too much for my hip.

EMOTM (every minute on the minute)
Odd- 7 dumbbell power clean presses and the rest of the minute crunches
Even- 7 push ups and the rest of the minute plank

It was a good workout. Just no real cardio or sweat on for me. But it was a start so it’s something.

For dinner I made tacos and had mine like this.


I stopped at the grocery store and discovered this.


I might have officially tasted heaven. I also bought some berries and I think I may have found the most giant blackberries ever.


Speaking of giant berries (I’m sorry in advance for this awful joke) there is a show on tonight that I can’t stop watching called “The Man with the 132lb Scrotum”. Whaaaaaat? It’s on TLC of course. That channel has some strange programming. I guess it can point out that my life could be worse right??

Anyway tomorrow is a new day and it’s a short week for me with a super fun weekend planned.

What was your dinner tonight?

Have you watched any strange shows lately?


3 thoughts on “Grouchy Monday and a New Discovery

  1. I hope that you have a better day tomorrow friend. Chin up buttercup!

    ps. I lol’d for real at your giant berries segway into the man with the giant scrotum joke. You knew I would, we have the same sense of humour after all. xo

    • Haha I am glad you liked my giant berries segway. I laughed at myself when I typed it. The thing is that the berries were actually very very large. And I couldn’t resist using it as a lead in. I can’t believe I watched the entire hour of that show, but it was fascinating!!!

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