Some Good-ish News

Today I had another appointment with my chiro for my hip. She was really impressed with how it’s doing. I think I have finally turned a corner. She hasn’t got my MRI results yet but spoke to the radiologist and is confident she will get them tomorrow. For now I am still not supposed to do anything with it just until we rule out a tear. I tried to convince her to let me run a little but she said the impact is going to make it worse if its a tear. So I must be patient a little longer. Though last night I tried a couple air squats and it felt pretty good.
She gave me some exercises to work on to help strengthen my quad.

Speaking of pretty good. This is my new favourite breakfast.

It’s an English muffin with avocado and a cranberry cheese I found at the grocery store. It’s incredible.

I made this yummy meal last night. Garlic parm corn with some leftover chicken and a homemade curry sweet potato carrot soup.

The soup was not my best batch as it was a little carrot heavy and not enough curry.

I went to CrossFit tonight and it was really tough for me because the strength wod was my very most favourite lift – deadlift. Everyone was working to their one rep max. There were some really impressive lifts. I did the motion of the lift but kept it super light so it was more just moving my legs and stretching a bit. It felt good but it was tough to not be able to add weight and try and hit a max. I did the wod with modifications

5 rounds
30s plank
10 push ups
10 push press with dumbbells
10 body rows on the rings

I finished in 13:36. Not bad. It was a good one considering it was all arms.

Tomorrow is my Friday since I am off Friday because I am going to a concert with my bestie, K that’s a weekend long camping concert. I am NOT much of a camper so it could be interesting.

Do you like camping?

What was the last concert you went to?


One thought on “Some Good-ish News

  1. We were camping addicts when I was growing up. My parents got divorced when I was really young and every weekend in the summer when we would go with our dad I SWEAR we were camping. Definitely some of my all time favorite memories 🙂

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